Here’s How You Can Start A Band With The Guys (And Make Lots Of Money Too!)

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Let me set a particular scene out for you. You and the guys are at home, or in a car, and music starts playing. One of you starts humming the tune, while the others join in. All of a sudden, you’re all singing along in perfect harmony. When the song stops, you laugh and say ‘hey, we should start a band.’

Well, why don’t you? If you and your mates are musically talented, it’s a great thing to do. It means you guys can spend more time together, and it’s loads of fun. Plus, there’s a chance you can make lots of money from it too!

Here’s how you can start a band with your friends:

Find Out Everyone’s Strengths – The thing about bands is that they have a certain dynamic to them. Fill a band with the same type of person, and it won’t be very good. What you and the guys have to do is find out everyone’s strengths. Who’s the best singer? Who’s the funny one? You know, all the typical things you see in bands these days. Get everyone doing what they do best, and you’ll gel better. Plus, if someone’s an amazing guitarist and a bad singer, it won’t makes sense for them to be the lead singer!

Create Your First Album – Getting a group of guys together doesn’t mean you’ve started a band yet. You need to give people some music to listen to. Otherwise, you’re just a group of guys hanging around with each other. So, the best idea is to create a small album for people to enjoy. To do this, all you need is some recording equipment. If you have some contacts, you may be able to get into a small studio to do this. Otherwise, whichever one of you has the biggest room is going to have to turn it into a recording studio! Spend some time recording songs, either cover versions or originals. Personally, I’d hit up a few covers; this is how you get people interested. Then, finish the album and stick it on iTunes and other music services. Soundcloud is a great option for new bands and artists; it lets people listen and stream for free. You should also make your album into CDs and hand out physical copies on the streets. Companies like Nationwide can help you make proper CD covers and duplicate your album for you. Once you’ve done all this, you can start spreading the word and getting people to listen to your tunes.

Get On As Many Social Channels As Possible – The internet has made it much easier for people to start bands nowadays. Thanks to YouTube, Vimeo, and Soundcloud, it’s easy to get your music out there. Create accounts on all of these sites and you’ll see your band grow with ease. Also, make sure you’re using as many social channels as possible. Don’t just stick to the music ones, get on Twitter and Instagram too. Again, this helps you cultivate a large following and helps you become a global music phenomenon.

Get yourself an audience, and you’ll soon be making loads of money. Album and single sales will rise, and you may get noticed by a record label!

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