The LI Craft Classic Knocks It Out Of The Park!


Good times were had by all Saturday at LI Craft Classic at Heckscher State Park. This event was well organized, tented, and had a great selection of beers and ciders. The sun was shining, the beers were flowing and the smell of Bobbique’s BBQ filled the air.

Homebrew Favorites
The Homebrew and Handgrenades Craft Beer Club showcased a variety of unique beers and ciders including Taste of Georgia’s Peach (6.4% abv), Stella’s Apple Pie (8 % abv), Swedish Fish Ale, and Brettastic Boombastic Pina Colada cider (11.4% abv). Brettastic Boombastic Pina Colada cider was a fan favorite at the event and was tapped out before the festival was over, even the owners of McKenzie’s Hard Cider were seen drinking and enjoying it onsite.

Local Favorites & New Releases

Great South Bay Brewery poured their newest release, Splashing Pumpkin Ale. This beer is not overly spiced and has a light pumpkin flavor. Since it is only 5% abv is it easy to drink and will be one of your fall favorites.

Several beer companies have release watermelon beers this summer, but Montauk Brewing Company’s Watermelon Session Ale is by far the best. Their Watermelon Session Ale is light refreshing and showcases the ripe juicy flavor of a watermelon. This beer is easy to drink at 5% abv and is not overly hoppy. Request it on tap at your favorite Long Island beer distributor.

If you love sours you need to take a trip to the Brooklyn Brewery to try their Bell Air Sour on tap. This sour is 5.8 abv and its tart tropical flavors will dance on your tongue and make you pucker up for more.

If you were a fan last summer of Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer, then you need to try Not Your Father’s Cream Ale. If you love Vanilla Cream Soda you need to try this, the Cream Ale is only 4.1% abv so you cannot even taste the alcohol. This ale is great if you want to make a ice cream soda with a kick and pairs well with a soft pretzel or a juicy burger.


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