4 Of The Most Dangerous Things Any Driver Can Do

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Being a bad driver is something almost no guy in their right mind would admit to. However, I’m sure you know at least one guy who seems to have a death wish! While almost anyone can be taught to be a good enough driver to pass their test, from there the proficiency of some people will go completely downhill. Here, I’ve listed some of the most dangerous things any driver can do.

First of all, failing to yield when another driver has right of way. Seeing this particular kind of driver in action really makes you question their mindset. How much time do they think they’ll save by cutting someone off or using an intersection when it’s not their turn to go? Failure to yield is one of the largest causes of accidents in the states, particularly on merge ramps. Although bending the rules in specific situations can be completely safe, right of way is part of the law for a reason.

Another, even more reckless thing that drivers do is failing to wear a seatbelt. According to the NHTSA website, seatbelts saved over 75,000 people’s lives between 2004 and 2008. Yes, you may have airbags. However, they’re designed to work in unison with the seatbelts of a car. Seatbelts prevent high-speed ejection during a collision, which as I’m sure you can imagine has a very low survival rate. Seatbelts have also been found to save lives during rollovers. Considering how easy it is to reach over, draw your seatbelt out and clip it in, it’s pretty baffling that anyone at all avoids putting on their seatbelt.

This next item may just be the most terrifying, as it doesn’t even require the car to be in motion to pose a serious threat. I’m talking about leaving the car running to “warm up” in a garage before you actually start using it. Car exhaust is full of toxic gasses; that’s why companies such as Fume-a-Vent exist. Even if the garage is wide open, leaving a car running in there can quickly fill the space up with all those toxins. It doesn’t take long at all for inhaling carbon monoxide and other substances to kill a person, so if you’re in this bad habit, drop it as soon as possible.

Finally, hypermiling tractor trailers. Yes, it’s true that following a tractor trailer closely decreases wind resistance, and helps you get more miles from a gas tank. However, I’m sure that won’t be the main thing on your mind if you have a crash at high speed! If you’re even 150 feet behind a large truck, you could be in serious danger. This may sound like a long way, but at high speeds you’ll have less than two seconds to react if the truck were to abruptly stop. You should also consider how hard it is for long-haul drivers to see the traffic immediately behind them.

I sincerely hope that you’re not guilty of any of these driving sins. If you are, do us all a favour and turn it around!


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  1. cars4usa says:

    Very good advice, especially about running the engine in the garage. It seems a lot of people underestimate how dangerous that can be.

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