Tapped: Brooklyn Does It Again With A Great Event

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The Tapped Beer Festival at the Barclays in Brooklyn was fun and well organized; every attendee received a tasting cup and map that listed all the breweries at the venue and where their tasting booths were located. This event was also easy to get to by train, which promoted save travels. They had plenty of fun games to play at the event including a jumbo-sized beer pong game (garbage pails were filled with water, red food coloring and a volleyball was used instead of a ping pong ball), cornhole, a giant jenga game, and ECR4KIDS (Connect Four). There were plenty of great beers and ciders to sample at the event.


Brooklyn Cider House poured their kinda dry and half sour ciders. The half sour has aromas of wild flowers and honey, followed by a hint of prickled pear and have a citris fruit finish. Not too sweet, or too sour, the Brooklyn Cider House got this one just right! The kinda dry cider has the crisp taste of tart granny smith apples with just the right amount of sweetness. The Brooklyn Cider House ciders picks their apples when they are at peak ripeness and their ciders are naturally sweet with no added sugar. The Brooklyn Cider House mastered how to showcase the natural flavor of the apples without added sugar and artificial flavors. Long Island distributors, make sure you bring these to the island this fall!

Austin Eastciders poured their Original Dry and TX Honey cider. The orginal dry is made with a blend of American dessert apples and European bittersweets to make the perfect light, fresh and fruit cider. The TX Honey cider also uses a blend of bittersweet and dessert apples with a hint of sweet Texas Honey for natural sweetness. Definitely add these Austin Eastciders to your must try list if you see them on tap!

Downeast Cider House from New England makes their ciders with locally grown and fresh pressed apples. The Orginal blend was made for the first time in the basement of a Bates College dormitory. After dozens of test batches, they finally perfected the Original Blend made of freshly pressed local Red Delicious, McIntosh, Cortland, Gala apples. The Cranberry Blend is made from fresh-pressed cranberries, which gives this cider a tart, crisp finish. Freshly pressed cranberry juice also tops off every batch. Try to locate these awesome ciders on tap at a location near you!

Aspall Dry English Cider from the UK is 6.8% abv, has a yellowish color and a white foamy head. This cider has a complex flavor profile: dry, sour, sweet and a touch smokey. Give you are a cider enthusiast give this one a try.

Summer Beers

Alphabet City Brewing Company’s Easy Blonde is a Kölsch style beer and is 4.7% abv. Even though it is not very strong, it is easy to drink and has hints of pepper and citrus dance on your tongue. Add this one to your cooler at your summer BBQ.

Curious Traveler Lemon Shandy Summer Seasonal is a light-bodied American wheat ale with fresh lemon and hint of lime to bring out its citrus aroma and flavor. This beer is 4.4% abv that makes it light and refreshing to drink on a warm summer day.

Rockaway Brewing Company Pharm is 4.5% abv and is a light and tart fresh saison style beer. They pride themselve by making their beer in small batches from hand, definitely try this local favorite.

Sixpoint Brewery’s The Zwick and The Dead is 5% abv and is a combination of a Kellerbier / Zwickelbier style beer. Even though is not a traditional Zwickelbier beer, the sweet malt flavor and the spicy hops will keep you coming back for more.

Ommegang Abbey Ale, from Cooperstown, NY is 8.2% abv and is available year around.

This beer has a dark burgundy red color, with notes of honey, caramel, toffee, hints of licorice and chocolate. The Abbey Ale is not overly sweet and finishes dry. If you want a beer that is strong and complex, try this one.

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