Amazing Fitness Gadgets You Should Check Out Now

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You may think you know all there is to know about fitness gadgets. The chances are that you haven’t seen many fitness gadgets outside of those fitness bracelets. Those are cool and everything, but they’ve got nothing on these things!

Listen to music underwater – Music is a fantastic friend when it comes to workout routines. You might have planned to go running for a set amount of minutes. But at the end, the song you were listening to still hasn’t finished. So you decide to keep going until the end of the song. It’s a great motivator. Haven’t you ever wished you could have that music with you while you were swimming, too? Well, there’s a gadget out there that uses something called bone conduction audio that lets you do just that. (That basically means that it sends vibrations and waves to the bones in your head to allow you to hear music. Awesome!)

Reveal the secrets of a golf course – When you’re out on the golfing range, you don’t always have all the information you want. A lot of it involves haphazard guesswork. Sure, you know that you’ve got quite a distance to go until you get to the green. But how long exactly? And you can feel that there’s a mild breeze. But what if that breeze is stronger than it feels, meaning it will affect your game more than you might think? Using the best rangefinder, you can reveal these sorts of secrets about a golf course using infrared technology. Don’t worry, it’s not cheating.

Go for a run while doing your office work – Some say that one of the best things about exercise is that it lets you get out of the house or the office. You can take your mind off of that task you’ve been stressing over for so long. No more hunching over a desk trying to complete that project. Now’s the time you can head outside, switch off, and let your feet take you to new and exhilarating places. Of course, that might sound like a nightmare to a workaholic. Well, no fear! You can get a treadmill that has a little desk installed on it. Now you never have to stop working! Ever! (Seriously, you should take a break from work every once in a while, friend.)

Turn your water into a protein shake – No, I’m not referring to some Jesus-like power to turn water into a protein shake with a wave of your hand. I’m referring to a nifty little gadget that turns the water inside it into a protein shake. No, it’s not a blender, smart guy. It’s actually a bottle that you can take to the gym with you. It holds protein powder in one compartment and water in the main compartment. You can drink the water for however long you need. But at the press of a button, the compartment with the protein powder releases, turning the liquid into a protein shake. Saves you having to carry around several bottles to the gym!


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