It’s Summer, So Let’s Get The Kids Outside!

kids, outdoors, bouncy castle, camping, yard, beach

After what might have seemed like an endless winter with no spring, summer is finally here. You know what that means? It’s time to get the kids out in the garden and start getting them active again. In the winter, the retreat inside and watch TV, play games or hog the computer. Now, they can go and enjoy the sun, get the vitamin D and have some fun with friends. However, for most kids, you will need to give them a firm nudge out the door. Otherwise, they will spend all their time inside and miss the summer season completely. This can get annoying, particularly, when they are off school for weeks on end. Here are some great ideas to get your kids to have some fun in the sun.

By Some New Equipment For Your Yard – Kids don’t have to go away from home to have fun in the sun. You can purchase some great, fun gear online that is going to make your garden an awesome place to play. One possibility you can consider is an outdoor foosball table. Show your kids what you used to play before FIFA hit the stores for every game console. We’re sure kids of football and soccer will love this game and if you buy one for the garden, they won’t be inside. Better yet, you can get a slip and slide. A slip and slide is just a thin piece of plastic. Spray some water down it with some washing liquid and it becomes a slippery wonder. It’s easy to set up, and it will keep your kids entertained for hours. If they get bored hand them some water guns, shut the house doors and let them go nuts.

Hire A Bouncy Castle – Do you want your little one’s house to be the most popular one on the block? You can hire a bouncy castle for the day because these fun play areas aren’t just for kids parties or special occasions. You can rent one in the middle of summer and let your kids invite all their friends over. It’ the perfect treat for younger children if you want them to get some exercise. Remember, though, if you have a bouncy castle feed the kids after and not before. Otherwise, there’s going to be quite a lot of mess to clean up.

Take Them Camping – Alternatively, you may want to spend a whole weekend with your kids enjoying the outdoors. You can take them camping and get them to participate in a lot of different activities. You might teach them how to fish, start a log fire or just take them mountain climbing. All of these adventures can be a lot of fun and are the perfect idea if you do not have a holiday booked this year.

Go To The Beach – Or lastly, if you want a great day out, just head down to the beach. Let your kids swim in the ocean, build sandcastles and have an ice cream on the shore. If you don’t have any beaches nearby, have a look for lakes and rivers nearby. There are lots of places that are safe for wild swimming, rather than heading to an expensive water park filled with queues.


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