Dress For Success: How Your Appearance Can Change The Way You Act

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Some men struggle with confidence. Many like to give the impression of a successful persona, but deep down they may not truly feel that or believe that. Which is why the impression you make can have a lasting influence on how things turn out. Whether you believe in yourself or not there is a well known saying that you should fake it until you make it. Of course, a lot can be said for what you say and the confidence you portray verbally, but how about physically? Body language is one way you can do this, but there is something so simple that people forget about. That is how you dress.

Confidence is not something everyone possesses. With too many feelings like doubt, regret and feeling overwhelmed to consider it’s hard to let the confidence shine through. Which is why it can be so important to feel just as good as you act. So the choice of clothing you wear can have a lasting effect. It’s like when you work from home, as an example, sit in your pajamas and you are less likely to be productive. Get dressed and sort yourself out and you will get much more done. So if you find yourself in a job that requires being a certain way, then dress the part. With that in mind, I thought it would be a great idea to share with you how you can dress for success.

The right suit – I guess not all jobs require you to wear a suit for work each day, but bear with me. A smart suit has a certain aura about it. It envelopes authority and being a success. That said not just any suit will portray a sense of confidence. It must be well fitted and suit your body type. It’s no good looking like you are wearing something you pulled out of your father closet. Consider spending a little more on fewer suits and interchange them. The difference a well fitted suit could make to how you feel will be mind blowing. You are power dressing, and with that comes a sense of confidence. Even if you won’t be feeling or thinking it inside. If you don’t need to be wearing a suit then still try and dress smart. Chinos and a smart shirt will go a long way, and is much better than wearing something scruffy looking.

The right shoes – As much as the suit is important, you have to think about the right shoes to work well with it. Considering a decent brand and investing once more in quality will help you get the desired look. Equally, if your job doesn’t require you to wear a suit you still need to consider something smarter to wear. So consider a more formal looking shoe to go with an informal outfit, it can transform the look. Brands like oliberte shoes or something similar would be a good one to consider.

The little details – Finally, don’t forget the little details that can make a big impact. Things like pocket squares in jackets, jumpers over shirts, ties, and waistcoats. They can all add to your overall look and be mixed and matched for formal and informal wear.

I hope this guide helps you dress for success in the future and improve your confidence.


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