What To Do If Your Child Suffers From A Nasty Injury

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Kids have accidents all the time – it’s part of their learning experience and completely healthy. Also, they have a lot more flexible bones than us adults, so it takes a big injury to break anything. That said, kids are far from indestructible – and you need to know what to do if your child gets hurt. We’re going to explain some of the most common incidents with you today – let’s gets started right away.

Blows to the head – Given that kids fall over so much when they are learning to walk, it’s no surprise that head injuries are common. Whether you are indoors or on a trip in the great outdoors, it’s important to act quickly to avoid complications. If a child does bang their head on something, it’s always best to bring them into a hospital. Head injuries can lead to a concussion, but it won’t always be immediate that something is wrong. It can take a while to develop, and you may not see the signs. There is also the chance for internal bleeding, even if there are no signs of injury on the head itself.

Burns and scalds – Burns and scalds occur far more often than most people might think. Both need immediate attention. Your first step is to keep the injury under running water for a minimum of ten minutes. If the burns are extensive, consider running a lukewarm bath. You’ll need to call for medical help, of course. But, according to burnfoundation.org the first twenty minutes of receiving a burn or scald can be critical. Cooling the injury down has to be your priority, and if you leave it too long, you will increase the chances of scarring.

Accidents at daycare – Accidents happen all the time in daycare settings. There are almost 4.5 million incidents each year – so the odds of an accident happening to your child are high. In most cases, it will be a minor accident and nothing to worry about. But, there are plenty of cases when the hospital is called, and you will need to leave work and get to your child as soon as possible. The big question after everything calms down – particularly if the injury is serious –  is who is responsible? If it was another child, there might not be anything you can do about it. But, if it is a lack of care from an employee, then you should consult a lawyer. According to gtakg.com, you may need robust representation to reach the settlement you and your child deserve.

Accidents from swallowing something – Toddlers haven’t quite got the hang of eating things properly – yet they put an awful lot of things in their mouth. If they do swallow something the wrong way, it can lead to choking, which can be incredibly stressful for everyone. Again, it’s vital to call the medical services, but you should also try and get the foreign object out as quickly as possible. If you can see it in their throat, try and remove it with your fingers. If you can’t, try and encourage your child to cough. If this fails, it’s important to use back blows from behind to try and dislodge the object. Again, if the object is from a broken toy, you may want to pursue claims with a personal injury lawyer.

Hope this has helped – and stay safe out there!


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