5 Essential Items Every Modern Man Needs In Their Wardrobe

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It can be hard to fit everything in the wardrobe, especially when your other half needs more space for her bits. But there are some essential items that every modern man needs in their wardrobe. Here are five items you need to check you have in your wardrobe.

A great three piece suit – Every man needs a decent three piece suit in their wardrobe. It’s so essential if you are heading to work or even to a special occasion. You need to be able to have one which you can pull out and wear whatever occasion arises. As we talked about previously, you should get a couple in different colors and cuts, so you don’t have to rely on wearing the same one every time. Go to the store and they will measure you correctly to ensure it fits comfortably. You can use the jacket on other occasions too; such as wearing over a casual top to make it look smarter.

A good tie – Another essential item that every guy needs in their wardrobe is a good tie. Ties are so great as they can help complete your smart outfit. It is great if you want to add a different color to your smart shirt. Every guy needs at least one in their wardrobe which they can wear on a special occasion or to work.

Lounge pants – If you want to feel comfortable after you have got home after work, you need a good pair of lounge pants in your wardrobe to chill out in. It’s never comfortable to sit around in your jeans or trousers after you get home from work. Therefore, lounge pants will give you breathing room and keep you comfortable while you chill out. You can also use lounge pants to wear in bed so that you can keep warm during colder nights.

A good pair of jeans – Another essential item every guy needs in their wardrobe is a good pair of jeans. It can be hard to find a good pair when there are so many around. To ensure they are the right pair for you, make sure you choose a pair of jeans which are comfortable to wear. Make sure you go for the right size. And as this article reveals, go for a color such as dark blue which will go with everything else you own in your wardrobe. You might want to spend a little more on a good pair of jeans so that they will last longer and will look great.

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