Guys! This Is How To Deal With The Dreaded Aftermath Of A Car Accident

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Unfortunately, one of the facts of driving is that you’re likely to be involved in a collision some day. As men, we need to know how to act and deal with this sort of situation when it arises. Thankfully, at The Guy Corner NYC, we’ve put together a handy guide for you to look over should you ever find yourself in a car accident. Give it a ride, and if you’re unlucky enough to be involved in a collision on the road, then you’ll know what to do when it happens! We get fairly comprehensive too. Everything from the moment the cars collide to that horrible conversation with your insurance company. Check it out, below!

Firstly, stay calm when the collision occurs. You may have hit another car, an object, or worse, a pedestrian. In any situation – do not freak out. That is the worst thing possible! If you and another vehicle have collided, regardless of who’s fault it is, pull over. Then, get out your car and conduct a sensible, grown-up conversation with the other driver. Don’t try and place blame straight away. First, it is important to make sure that both drivers and any passengers are okay. If not, be sure to call the emergency services immediately.

Anybody who is bleeding heavily should be tended to immediately. Try and seal the wounds by wrapping bandages around the affected area. Anything made of cotton will do, so a t-shirt should suffice if worst comes to worst. Once everybody is tended to, and any required emergency services have arrived. Let the police know about the incident if it is particularly severe. Roads may need closing and clearing following the accident.

Once this is all resolved, then it is time to exchange numbers and insurance information with the other party. It is at this moment where you can begin to place blame. For the sake of the insurance, one party is always at fault in a collision. This is often the car which has disobeyed the rules of the road in causing the accident. For example, if you have rear-ended another car, it is your fault because you haven’t been driving slow enough to brake in time. This is in spite of whether or not the car in front of you braked sharply, suddenly stopped or whatever. Sadly guys, this is just the way it goes, and you have to accept it. Check out this website for more information on establishing fault at the scene of a collision, here –

Once fault has been established and blame been accounted for, the two drivers are free to go their separate ways. Before doing so, be sure to note down the make, model and numberplate of the car in the accident with you. You should also have a name, address, telephone number and insurance information for the other party. This will help cover your back. You may have suffered from injury during the collision, and as a result you are entitled to compensation. Special car accident lawyers are brilliant for retrieving this for you. However, it’s not always as easy as it seems.

Typically, insurance companies are difficult to deal with. They will do their utmost to not have to part with any cash. Therefore, it is the duty of you and your car accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. If you are the plaintiff, then this puts you in the strongest position. Otherwise, you should be looking at getting yourself a criminal defence lawyer and that’s a whole different ball game! You should begin by building your case. This will often require the immediate help of a professional lawyer. So, it is probably best to find and employ one first. For example, at you will be able to find a substantial amount of information regarding personal injury law suits. Companies like Crowell specialize in representing victims in car accident cases. If you’re finding it tough being the little guy standing up to the big guy (the insurance company), then this is your way to win!
Your life may have been significantly disrupted by this car accident. For example, you may work in the area of sports. Let’s say you’re a fitness instructor. Now you can’t carry out your job properly due to breaking your leg in this car accident, thus you will likely be entitled to large sums of compensation. Some disruptions can be far worse than broken limbs, however. If you were unfortunate enough to be knocked unconscious during the crash, then you could have some neurological issues to deal with. This could affect you in a number of ways. Maybe you’re an academic, studying hard at college, and this accident sets your grades back. If so, then again you could be looking at substantial compensation. However, sadly, it is almost impossible for the little guy to win any of that money from an insurer without the help of the plaintiff’s lawyer. So guys! If in doubt, don’t accept defeat. Get on the phone and get yourself some help. Remember, you won’t spend a dime on expensive attorney costs if you win your case because the damages are settled by the losing party. Result!

Car accident lawyers can help you prove fault, place blame and argue negligence on behalf of the other driver. This can really strengthen your case.  Expert lawyers are only going to make the horrible blow of being involved in a car accident that little less disheartening.

Hopefully, this post will help all of you guys out there should you ever be unlucky enough to be involved in a car accident. All of this information is really worth digesting and looking into. That way, you’ll always be prepared in case the worst should ever happen! Safe driving. Are there are any handy tips for dealing with insurance companies or the aftermath of a crash you think our readers at The Guy Corner NYC would like to hear? If so, then please drop them in the comments section below!


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