The NFL Players That Provide Sporting Inspiration

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If you’re looking for some inspiration to kickstart your sporting ambitions, then the NFL has had its share of inspiring stories. Each of the five players below has a unique story that has helped to inspire many others in many different ways.

Reggie White

While playing for the Green Bay Packers, Reggie White grew a huge base of fans. He’s the kind of player that the fans take a liking to. Of course, his football playing skills play a big role in this. But his personality and background are just as important. He is a pastor, and his religious faith plays a big role in his life and mentality on and off the field. There are not many people in NFL history who have such an interested life outside of the sport. But it has clearly worked well for him and his playing career.

Clinton Portis

Clinton Portis is a player who is always happy to defy expectations. He is known for his flamboyant outfits and the way he doesn’t care what others say about him. He’s a truly modern football player who has always refused to conform. His play on the field reflects this mentality as well. Before retiring in 2012, Portis became one of the 80 greatest players ever to play for the Redskins.

Michael Oher

The Blind Side is a Hollywood film about a young man with footballing ambitions who is adopted at a young age. This story is based on the life of Michael Oher, who was adopted by a family before pursuing his dream of playing professional football in the NFL. He didn’t have an easy start in life, but his endurance and ambition helped to carry him through. He was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens in 2009 and now plays as an offensive tackle with the Carolina Panthers. You can find out more about him and his current plans at

Ken Harvey

Ken Harvey certainly didn’t take the conventional route to success. He dropped out of high school when he was young, which would normally make an NFL career difficult. He then took up some bad habits and found himself stuck in a spiral. To his credit, he decided to complete his education and then got a scholarship at the University of California. From there, he managed to get himself into the NFL where he played for the Washington Redskins and the Phoenix Cardinals. He’s an inspiration to anyone who thinks they took a wrong turn and wants to get back on track.

Rocky Boiman

Rocky Boiman’s route to NFL success is one that was built on perseverance and hard work. He’s an example of someone who got to where he wanted to be through sheer desire and focus. He didn’t let any of the setbacks he experienced along the way damage his resolve. He was dropped by the Dallas Cowboys but then bounced back by signing for the Indianapolis Colts. This was when his career took off as he became part of the team that went all the way to the final and won the Super Bowl.

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  1. jermbarnes says:

    always a nice change to read positive stories about NFL players


    1. I agree! NFL players always get a bad rap and some deserve it but others who do good also deserve to be recognized.


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