The Most Important Steps To Prepare For A Date

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If you’ve got a date lined up, you’ll want to make a good impression. But if you’ve been at work, or it’s been decided last minute, you will need a streamlined routine. Stop messing around with unnecessary stuff and focus on the following six tasks instead.

Trim your facial hair

Even if you usually rock a full beard, there is no hard in having a little trim before you date. The aim doesn’t have to be to remove every follicle! It will just make you look neater and more presentable. Have a look at your eyebrows too, and see if there are any stray hairs you can quickly pluck away. Finally, don’t forget your nose and ears!

Get rid of dandruff

If you were to ask why do men lose hair, you’d get lots of different answers. One of those is that while dandruff doesn’t cause baldness, it does make you itch and scratch your head. This roughness can lead to hair loss, and it also not very attractive to be itching away on a date! Wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo, or add a little tea tree oil into your normal shampoo. You are killing two birds with one stone- preventing future hair loss, and guaranteeing you won’t be distracted on your date!

Iron your clothes

Un-ironed and creased clothes don’t just make you look like you don’t care about how you look. They also make you look as if you didn’t care enough about the date to find the time. This is not the impression you want to be giving off, whether it’s 1 or 20. If you tend to run out time to iron, keep a couple of emergency shirts in your wardrobe. Wash them, iron them and then put them away. They will be there to fall back on if you really don’t have time before a date. Just be sure to replace them again the next day; if you’re hoping for a second date that is! Want to look extra smart? Then shine your shoes and be sure your laces are clean too. Lots of people get their first impression on a person based on their shoes!

Sort your transport and directions

Don’t figure out where the restaurant, bar or another date location is as you are leaving the house. Find out a couple of hours in advance, and start to make your plans. Figure out how you will get there. If you’re getting a taxi, book it in advance. If you’re taking your car, find a suitable car park online. Also, know your directions! Both of these things will prevent you from committing the cardinal date sin. Being late, of course! Man or woman, nobody likes to be kept waiting.


You will give off stressed vibes if you’ve been stressing before the date. Plus, your vibes might make your date feel stressed too! Start getting ready with lots of time, follow the above tips and unclench those shoulders! Dates are supposed to be enjoyable, remember?


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