Crazy Car And Driving Facts We Bet You Don’t Know

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We’re guys; we love driving and cars. It goes with the territory. When we’re young, we drool over the car posters on your bedroom wall. Okay, we drool over the girls laying on the cars on our bedroom wall, same thing. When we’re older, we save up enough money to buy our first car. It’s a little beat up for sure, but we love it anyway because it’s ours. Then, as you get older, you reach the point where you can afford a car that you want. Maybe a Porsche 911 or a Nissan GTR. You have a son, and the cycle continues. Cars are so embedded into the mindset of men that some of us probably think we know everything about them. But we bet even the biggest petrolheads don’t know these facts about driving.

Wait…How Many Cars Are On The Road Today?

Over a billion. That’s right you might feel special when you’re driving around in your automobile. Particularly, if you’ve just turned 17. But you’re not really. Not when you think that there are a billion more people just like you. Although to be fair, most of them probably aren’t enjoying their car. On average, the US commuter will spend 42 hours of the year in their car. If you add that up to the average lifespan, that’s a lot of wasted days. It makes you wonder whether it’s even worth buying a sports car. Let’s face it; you’re never going to see the full power it has to offer.

It’s Always A Financial Loss To Buy A Car, New

A car is perhaps the only big purchase where you’re losing money as soon as you buy it. Sure, when you buy a computer it’s already out of date. But typically you don’t think about selling your computer on. It’s just a typical purchase. A car is like a house. It’s an investment but unlike a house, it’s going to cost a fortune with little payback. You might think buying the new Porsche is worth it. But just remember in a few years, it’s going to be worth a quarter of what you paid for it. That’s a crazy level of depreciation that makes buying a new car pretty pointless. You’re better off opting for second hand.

The Number One Cause Of Road Accidents Is…

Distracted driving. We know, we were shocked too. Since you always hear about it in the news, you’d assume it was drink driving. Or perhaps speeding. It seems then that people do have more common sense than we give them credit for. But they’re lacking in the attention department. Truth be told, most of these accidents are probably caused by an illegal distraction like a cell phone. But we’re sure some are caused by people eating a burger from a drive in and others having a tense argument in the car. Either way, if you speak to a car accident lawyer, you’ll be amazed at how many drivers say the same thing. “I don’t know what happened.” We do, you weren’t paying attention.

Is This The Safest Car Ever?

Lastly, if you are worried about road safety, you might want to get a Ford GT. Sure, you may well end up in a road accident, but the car will protect you. It’s the only vehicle that managed to break the car crushing machine during a safety test.

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