Taking Care Of A New Home Like A Man

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There’s nothing that brings quite as much opportunity as a new home. A new place, a new living arrangement and a whole new lifestyle if you want it. But it also brings a whole lot of work with it. Any place you buy, whether it’s a house or an apartment, is not likely to be perfect when you first move in. Whether it’s from wear and tear or just different tastes, it’s going to take some adaptation. We hope you’re ready to put on some work tunes and apply a bit of the old elbow grease. It’s time to take care of your new home like a man.

Filling your toolbox

The first thing that any home owning man needs to have is a toolbox at his disposal. Not only are you likely to need for the hundred little DIY jobs you’re taking care of now. You’re probably going to have need of it down the line as well. We get bored of our surroundings fairly easily and you might feel the need for a chance. Make sure you’re equipped to take care of it in advance. This means making sure you have all the right kinds of screwdrivers and you’re checking up on the best hammers you can get in this article and others.

Tackling the little tasks

There are a lot of little tasks that might have you whipping out that tool box before long. It’s a good idea to have a thorough once over of the home and make a list of all the jobs that need doing. Creaky floorboards are a particularly common problem. As are broken bathroom tiles. You may even need to move a plug socket in the wall. Start doing your research and building up your DIY knowledge. You’ll save a lot for learning it in the long run.

Changing the locks

One of the tasks you should be taking care of immediately, however, is getting the lock changed. This is the same for any place you move into, whether you’ve bought it or just rented it. You never know who might have copies of the previous keys. For security reasons, you should get your locks changed as soon as you can. It will already cost a bit of money to get new locks and new keys cut. You can save a bit of money by changing the locks yourself instead of using a locksmith.

Checking your plumbing

One of the biggest risks to your home and all the stuff inside it is water. Burst pipes and bad plumbing cause thousands in damage if you let them. You should have hopefully checked them before you first moved in but now it’s time for an even more thorough check. Some minor problems can very easily be taken care of yourself. Leaking or stiff taps, for example. Similarly, if your plumbing doesn’t have any insulation around it, you should take care of that yourself. If it’s more serious, however, don’t risk doing more damage to it yourself. Know your limits.

Checking your roof

Just as much damage can come from having a roof that’s not doing its job. Particularly when it comes to the kind of damage rain and weather can do. Even if you have a nice insulated loft, water leaking in will cause the inside of your roof to rot. This is bad for the home, structurally. It can also pose a real danger to your health. Check your roof to see that no tiles are missing or cracked. Even one is enough to start doing damage. Similarly, if it’s past its life cycle, it might need replaced as well.

Taking care of pests

Moving onto problems in the home that are a lot more lively. Most homes will encounter problems with pests as some point in their existence. Rodents are going to be the most common encounter. It’s not all that difficult to make your home rodent proof, however. Get rid of any open garbage in the yard or any spaces that might give a rodent home. As for your home, it’s all about sealing it up. If there’s any open space, it will make an inviting home for them. Copper wool can’t be chewed through and unlike steel wool won’t rust. It can be perfect for blocking off potential entrances.


Something that matters a great deal to living comfortably in any home is the HVAC. That’s the heating, ventilation and air condition for those not in the know. Both air quality and your ability to control the temperature in the home are important. That’s why you need to check any and all vents you have. Old vents can get clogged easily, but cleaning them is just as easy. Similarly, try to go for newer heating and air conditioning appliances if you can. They tend to be a lot more efficient.


Moving all your stuff in is a great moment. But it’s also a lot of work. You can mightily reduce that work by thinking about it and organizing how you tackle the unpacking. Start with the larger items, first, obviously. Your space is going to be organized around how you move the bigger items around. Then it’s about fitting smaller ones in. After that, unpack the items that are more functional than decorative. If you don’t get it all done in one day, you at least want the most useful of your stuff on hand.

Adding the stuff you need

If you’ve taken care of all the little jobs and potential risks in the home, it’s about making it your own space now. Every guy has different tastes, but there are a few things that most guys will want in their home. Or if they live with a family, in their man-cave. We’re always coming up with ideas on the best stuff your bachelor pad can contain. The lazy boy chair in front of a wide screen TV are musts for just about every guy. But don’t stop there. Do your research and kit your pad out to bachelor perfection.

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