Kube Clock: The Review

Kube clock, Bluetooth, QI charging, alarm clock, hotels, music

What is the Kube Clock you ask? The KS Clock is  a phone charging and Bluetooth audio streaming alarm clock. It features the ability to charge up to six mobile devices (yes you heard me, 6) with an Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin and Micro-USB flip-out cable, two additional audio-sensing USB ports and optional Qi wireless charging.

This ultimate charging station was originally launched for hotel chains as it provides the convenience people would like while traveling but due to consumer interested the company has brought it to the consumer base at a price of $179.99 with Qi charging and $149.99 without. The Kube features Bluetooth audio and alarm clock functionality in one. The Kube can be found at Ramada, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Starwood, Sheraton, Four Seasons, W Hotels, Hyatt, Langham Hotels and Conrad hotels.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of the speakers as I enjoyed music via the Omni-directional full range speaker. The one thing I wish the Kube did have is an AM/FM tuner built in as I like to wake up to my favorite radio station. That being said it is not a deal breaker for me. A big plus that definately gives this unit longevity as charger ports are changing quite often, is the fact that the charging cables can be swapped out if something new comes along. No price point is set for replacements as of yet. A feature that comes in handy especially inside hotel rooms is that the Bluetooth ID can be assigned to each KS Clock™ giving each Kube a unique room number to prevent unauthorized pairing.

The KS Clock with Qi can also be uniquely customized via the available room programmer. Settings such as Bluetooth room ID code, DST, LED brightness and audio volume can all be set by the room programmer.

About Kube Systems:
Kube Systems (www.kubesystems.com) was born from more than 50 years of experience by renowned hospitality brand Ramler International. Kube Systems designs, manufactures and markets unique technology solutions focused on the hospitality industry. Its solutions blend innovation with intuitive technology to enhance the guest experience. The Kube Systems suite of products combine the convenience of multi-device charging with portability, streaming audio playback and time keeping.

Disclosure: I received the Kube Clock in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

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