Essentials For Your Bachelor Pad

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Having your own place is a sense of freedom that’s pretty hard to match. After living with your parents and before settling down with a partner, there’s this great period where you’re the king of the castle! If you’ve recently moved into your own property, then you may be wondering about what to do with all that empty space. This post is the solution! Here are a few essentials to make any old space feel like a real bachelor pad.

We’ll start this off with an obvious one; furniture. It’s pretty common for a guy to move out for the first time, and let the sense of freedom get to their head. They immediately blow their budget on pool tables, massive TVs and all sorts of other luxuries. Of course, it’s great to have these things. However, I urge you not to get ahead of yourself straight away. Start off with a nice set of furniture so you’re not sitting on a hardwood floor! Recliners are a staple of the bachelor pad. The look of a good recliner is timeless, and incredibly comfortable. Like your favourite shirt, it only seems to become more and more comfortable with age. There are countless recliners on the market today, one for everyone’s tastes and budget. Here’s a handy review of a HomCom massage recliner.

Next, a coffee table. A standard glass piece will look fine. However, I find sturdy, wooden ones look a lot better in most bachelor pads. These look better with cold mugs of beer on them, for starters. It’s also much easier to clean stubborn stains off of a wooden table than a glass one. If you’re thinking of creating a rustic look in your pad, then you may be able to find a good piece at yard sales or second-hand stores. Otherwise, any good furniture store will have a wide selection of wooden coffee tables. Once you’ve got it in the pad, think of a good centrepiece for it.  A pile of books and magazines is the usual trend, but I’m sure you can be a little bolder. Find an interesting sculpture or small aquarium that will draw people’s attention.

Once this is out of the way, you can get onto the really fun part; entertainment. As I’m sure you’re aware, the standards in TVs change all the time. Not too long ago, everyone was raving about HD. Now it’s ultra HD or 4K. Get yourself ahead of the curve with a large, modern TV mounted where everyone can see it. Adding surround sound to the equation will make the whole set-up even more enjoyable. Look around at some audio blogs, and find yourself a good set of primary speakers. After that, it’s best to add to your surround sound one component at a time. This will make it easier to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Alternatively, you can save some money by investing in a quality sound bar to add to the system. These will cost far less than a whole surround system, but will still offer you some great panning.

Finally, the frills. Every good bachelor pad should have some art that reflects the man who lives there. I suggest you get your fill before getting married. From then, it’s her department! Look around for some nice canvases of whatever it is you’re into. Whether it’s cars, album covers, or a certain animal, you’ll be able to find some artwork that reflects you. Once timeless accessory to the bachelor’s home is a pool table. Bear in mind though that full-sized tables are expensive, large and a hassle to bring into your home. Make sure it’s going to be used enough before hitting that order button! I maintain that a man isn’t a man if he doesn’t know how to barbeque, so look for a good one. Here’s a recent review of the Weber Smokey Mountain, which you might be interested in. A folding poker table will also make a lovely touch if you enjoy the game, and will cost far less than a full pool table. Of course, it’s your home, and you should arrange everything according to your tastes. If you prefer video games to more “manly” pursuits, then get an upgrade on your console. The Oculus Rift headset will make a truly impressive accessory.

Go through this list, and your empty home will totally transform into a great bachelor pad. After a few essentials, it’s all down to you. Get creative and start planning out your perfect space.

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