Buying A Pickup? Check Out These Three

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A lot of guys learn to drive in a hatch or a city car, and then stick to one of these classes for the rest of their lives. Although there are a lot of great cars out there, after a while you’ll probably want to expand your horizons. Pickups are hugely versatile vehicles, excellent for all kinds of trips with your buddies. If you’re thinking of buying one, here are three that I’d certainly recommend.

Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi aren’t widely associated with pickups, but the L200 is a true gem. While the dimensions of this truck are a little smaller than some of its competitors, it still manages to be a highly useful and reliable machine. Grooves cut into the load bed make it easier to divide it up into different sections. Most of the L200s you’ll find have a 2.4 litre diesel, and various other versions with added torque are available. This machine has great off-road capability, but the version you pick out makes a really noticeable difference here. Although the cabin isn’t exactly luxurious, it’s surprisingly spacious and feels solid. This should certainly a candidate for your pickup.

Ford Raptor

Although the Ford fleet is massive, the Raptor has always stood out as one of their crowning achievements. While a little more pricey than some other trucks, this will deliver anything you could want from a truck. The interior is nice and comfortable, the load bed is spacious enough for a whole weekend of DIY work, and the suspension is very dependable. If you want your truck for off-roading, then the Raptor is probably your best choice. These have been made since 2010, and you’re sure to find a good deal at a used lot. Hold your horses though! The 2017 Ford Raptor is just around the corner, and from what we’ve heard it’s going to be quite the machine!

Nissan Navara

Nissan have made a number of good pickups in their history, and the Navara is certainly no exception! These come in two main versions; the double-cab and king-cab. If you want your truck to be for work and leisure, then the latter is your best choice. This has a much wider and deeper load bed, which can obviously come in handy. The chassis and 4×4 system on the Navara has been the same since the first version was released, and for a good reason; it works! This system will stand out to all kinds of abuse and wear. The base models all the way up to the high-end have 7 airbags, making this one of the safest pickups currently on the market. The only area where the Navara’s lacking is off-roading. While the 4×4 system works as you’d expect, this truck still lacks the torque you’ll find with some of its competitors. However, you could do a lot worse for a reliable road pickup.

There you have three of the best pickups on the market. Choose any one of these, and you’ll have a long, enjoyable experience with your truck.



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