Craft Beer Lovers “Hop” To The Homebrew & Handgrenades At Bay Fest

Homebrew, Craft Beer, Bay Fest, Michelle Pagano, Jason Scott, Eric Sowa, cider, Thin Girl Stout, Brew Babe, hops, beer

Several homebrewing clubs had unique beers to taste at Bay Fest. However, Homebrew and Handgrenades had the best beers by far.

Michelle Pagano, Jason Scott and Eric Sowa definitely should have earned a craft beer brewing badge for her Thin Girl Stout. Their sweet stout definitely satisfied my sweet tooth craving for Thin Mint cookies. Their stout was also allergy-friendly so people with gluten sensitivities were able to enjoy this delicious stout without worrying about a having a terrible flare-up. The Girl Scouts would be happy to know that Homebrew and Handgrenades is following their mission, creating a beer for people with gluten sensitivities is definitely making the world a better place!

Cider lovers had two great ciders to try at the Homebrew and Handgrenades booth, Stella’s Apple Pie and a Harvest Cider. Stella’s Apple Pie embodied the flavors of homemade apple pie, sweet with a little bit of spice. The Harvest cider had cranberry, apple and grape juice and had an abv of 9.3. This cider was smooth, yet strong, everything that you could possibly want from a cider.

The Thin Girl Stout, Harvest cider and Stella’s Apple Pie were so popular that they were all tapped out before the festival was even over!


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