Organizing A Weekend Away With Friends On A Budget

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Whether you’re planning a Bachelor Party in the city or a weekend in the great outdoors, you may want to do it on a budget. After all, splashing the cash in the wrong way means less left over for the really fun stuff. So, let’s look at a number of ways you can plan an incredible weekend away on a budget.

Go via bus – Thanks to ever decreasing flight prices, getting far away for just a weekend is becoming more and more possible. However, there is one method of transport that still remains the cheapest in most scenarios. That is a bus. Obviously, it has its downsides. You don’t have the same independence as you do if you hire your own car. However, the cost is likely to be far less than the price of fuel. After all, you’re sharing the journey with dozens, not four or five. A bus may also not be as luxurious as a flight. However, once again, it will probably be cheaper. So, if you want to get away but do it on a budget, consider a bus as a transport option. It’s an especially wise move if you won’t need further transport once you arrive at your destination. Everything may be in walking distance, or you may be based in just one place for the weekend.

Buy your drinks in advance – We’ve all had that frustrating scenario where you buy a drink in a bar, and they charge you five times what it would have cost in the liquor store. If you’re away for a break with friends, you may want to enjoy a drink. If you do, and you’ll be on a budget, you’ll want to be finding another way around this. So, consider buying liquor online instead. It will likely to be discounted, let alone way cheaper than it would be to buy it in a bar or restaurant. It’s a particularly good option if you’re taking your own car and can put it all in the trunk!

Don’t forget the extras – Remember to check what your accommodation does and doesn’t provide in advance of arrival. Some places will charge you extra for things like a kettle to make your morning coffee or an iron. Or they may charge for non-electronic things, like towels or bedding. Don’t get caught with charges the minute you arrive! Know in advance what you need to pack yourself. Then it’s just a case of making sure you don’t forget it! Advise your friends to do the same so nobody ends up losing some of their spending money on something silly.

Research special offers in advance – If you are having a weekend away in a new area, you probably won’t know the best deals on offer. In your hometown, you know where the best happy hours are, and where you can get 2 for 1 on meals. Get access to these kind of deals at your weekend destination by researching them in advance. Same goes for any activities you might be doing, like go-karting or abseiling, for example.


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