Fighting The Most Common Causes Of Road Accidents

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Driving a car is one of those things that we can occasionally forget how full of risk it is. In fact, most drivers are statistically likely to get in at least two crashes in their life time. But you don’t necessarily have to be involved in those statistics. By spotting the most common causes of road accidents, you might be all the more prepared to avoid them as well.

Car malfunction

Sometimes, an accident is no-one’s fault at all. It can happen out of the blue. Which this does happen, it’s usually due to a malfunction in the car. This is why you need to keep up with the maintenance schedule. Taking better care of your car in general helps you get to know it. That means you’re all the more able to spot problems as soon as they manifest.


It’s an obvious one, but we had speed limits for a reason. All the same, you might find yourself speeding. It’s not particularly difficult to do it even when unaware. It is, however, still likely to land you in either legal trouble or a crash. Cruise control options are great for managing the speed you’re going. Leave earlier when you need to get somewhere. A lot of speeding is done out of feelings of necessity, so just get better at planning.

Other people

Of course, it might not be you who’s speeding or distracted at the wheel. If you’re entirely free of responsibility, there might not be a lot you can do. Even if you’re incredibly watchful, some other driver could get you in an accident. The only thing to do in this situation is make sure they’re responsible. Car crash injury lawsuits can help you at least mitigate the damage.

Weather conditions

Besides your car malfunctioning, the conditions of the drive can also take control out of your hands. That’s why preparing your car for the weather is so important. This is mostly done by selecting the right tires. Know when to use which tires depending on how icy, snowy or otherwise bothersome it is outside. Surprisingly, snow tires aren’t always the answer in winter so do your research.


We know how terrible it can be to sit around whilst your friends are drinking as the designated driver. Or how tempting it can be to get on the road even after you’ve been drinking when something pops up. However, you don’t need us to tell you that drinking and driving is always a terrible idea. It is, after all, the leading cause of road deaths. If you need to drive, know your limits and don’t push it.


Another rising cause of crashes, thanks to technology, is distraction. More idiots are taking the time to take selfies or photos on the road. Taking your eyes from the drive that long will lead you into a ditch or another car. Besides using the phone, it’s even proven that using hands-free phone calls can be a danger. If you really need to text or call, find a place to pull over.


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