Top Bachelor Party Ideas You Might Not Have Considered

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Being the Best Man is something of a mixed blessing – it has its ups and downs. One of the more exciting aspects of it is that you get to plan a party with all the boys. This can be a welcome relief from everyday life, so it’s something which you usually want to make the most of. However, deciding on what exactly to do can be something of a challenge. If you have a bachelor party lined up this year, and you feel at a bit of a loss as to what to do, then you’re not alone. Many men have been where you are before you. The good news is, there are always options available. And some of them, you might not have even considered. If you are looking for some inspiration as to what to do, then read on. Here are a few top ideas for that bachelor party.


It might sound drastic, but this can be a great thing for a group of men to do together. If none of you usually do this sort of thing, then even better – it is a learning curve for everyone! There are, in fact, many places around the country which offer weekend training courses on how to hunt. These can be a great excuse just to get away into the woods with your friends. With a few beers and – before long – some great meat to eat, what better way to spend a weekend with the boys?


That’s not everyone’s idea of fun, however, so let’s look at another option. Something which most people can probably get behind is a bit of gambling. Now, this doesn’t have to be serious money, but putting a little something aside for a bit of gambling can be great fun. What better way to celebrate the last days of your friend’s freedom than to go to Vegas itself? If you do find yourself in Vegas, there is much more on offer than just spending your money playing cards, of course. Have a look here for some ideas:


For the group of friends with somewhat simpler tastes, you could always have a weekend under the stars. This can be a surprising amount of fun. Whether or not you are all the outdoors type, you can be sure you’ll enjoy yourselves with this one. If you are not sure, let me tempt you by reminding you that it’s just you, your beers and the empty night. If you are of a more peaceful bent, or you just think you all need to get away from it all, this might be your best choice. Camping is cheap, easy and a whole lot of fun. Look here for more ideas like this:

Whisky Tasting

Last but by no means least: we have whisky tasting. As well as being a great way of getting drunk real quick, you might actually learn a thing or two! This might not be enough to fill an entire Bachelor Party schedule, but it’s something which is well worth considering. There are plenty of venues for this around the country, so find your nearest one and give it a go.

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