Hobbies You’d Be A Fool Not To Take Up This Summer

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The summer is the time when we finally get to leave work behind for a couple of weeks and just do whatever the heck we fancy.

But often we waste our time off by staying indoors watching box sets. And that’s a shame. In the summer, the outdoors is opened up to us, and it’s when we can have our best adventures.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of hobbies that you’d be crazy not to take up this summer.

Mountain Biking – Long gone are the days when mountain biking was the preserve of an intrepid and brave few on bikes meant for the road. Modern mountain bikes mean that you can have some great fun off the beaten track.

There are mountain biking locations all over the world, specifically designed to cater for the sport. In the UK, there are dozens of trail centers with graded routes. And the same applies to the US.

But you can also venture out into the wilderness. Climbing a mountain pass on a bike is just as epic as it is on foot. You get to experience beautiful landscapes and stunning vistas. Well, at least when you’re not shredding downhill sections.

Mountain biking is hard work. You’ll certainly get fit doing it. And don’t expect the first few runs to be easy. You’ll have to get used to how the bike handles off road. And you’ll have to negotiate tree roots, rocks and drop-offs. But if you get the bug, which you surely will, the sport will have you coming back again and again.

Paddle Boarding – Paddle boarding is a little bit like surfing, but with a paddle. It offers a bit more freedom than regular surfacing, allowing you to go further in pursuit of the perfect waves.

You’ll need the right kit, though. Plenty of stand up paddle board reviews out there address the pros and cons of different boards.

But the buzz surrounding the sport isn’t just because of the equipment. It’s also because of the thrill and the adventure. Get good at paddle boarding and you could be riding the surf like a real pro.

Climbing – If you live anywhere near mountains, climbing is a must. Climbing is physically hard work, like mountain biking. But some people love it for the thrill and the reward. In fact, of all these sports, climbing is probably the most rewarding because you get to look at what you just achieved.

Of course, climbing a real rock face is a lot more challenging than a climbing wall. But it’s also a lot more fun.

Caving – Caving is not something that is for the faint-hearted. If you’re somebody who can’t stomach wriggling between thousands of tons of rock, stay away.

Pro cavers love what they do because of where they get to explore. There’s always a chance that they might find a new cavern, never seen before by human eyes. Or indeed any eyes for that matter.

Beginners can expect to pay less than $200 for equipment, which makes caving a lot cheaper than some of the other hobbies on this list.

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