Speaker Solutions For Men: How To Bring Your Music Everywhere

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Music is a big part of most people’s everyday lives. It can help us get out of bed and stay motivated, forcing us to carry on with that gym routine. It can be a way to celebrate, with parties and birthdays not complete without it. There are so many situations where music is valuable to us, but not all situations are suitable for some tunes.

Sometimes, playing music just won’t seem practical, even if you want to do it. How many times have you belted out the Frozen soundtrack in the shower? (Hands up guys). It would be nice to have that music right there with you, and fortunately, this is indeed possible.

Water isn’t the only element that has been beaten by technology, and it’s now easy to bring music everywhere. Whether you want your music to be covert, underwater or impervious to damage, there is a solution for you. Here are a few of the best!

Off The Road And In The Wild – Speakers generally aren’t the toughest of products, and that makes using them outdoors risky. You could drop them and they could smash, or they could ingest liquid or debris. Whatever the case, it’s quite often damaging, and your investment will be wasted.

Don’t despair yet, however. For those men who enjoy a lot of outdoor, off-road activity, you are covered. Why not pick up an outdoor speaker, a sound station specifically designed for off-road vehicles (and even boats). They’re tough, long lasting and pack a heavy sound punch. Because they’re designed to be used in harsh conditions, you can safely play that Bob Marley album whatever the weather.

In The Shower, Or Underwater – Just like beer and a Monday morning, water and music just don’t go together. Sometimes you just want to relax in the shower or by the pool with some tunes, but it’s near impossible to do so.

Luckily for you, there are a number of solutions. You could purchase a cool bluetooth speaker that can attach to the walls of your shower and stream music via bluetooth magic. They’re waterproof, which means you don’t have to worry about damage. Waterproof MP3 players have also been around for many years, and can even be bought in a bottle of liquid.

In The Gym And During Physical Activity – If you’re busting out a bench press or jogging on a treadmill, chances are those headphones will slip from your ears. It’s a pain many of us have to endure, especially with those basic white plugs that are supplied with the iPhone. They just won’t stay in our damn ears.

Investing in a set of hooked earphones can rectify this problem with ease. You can even get ones that are custom built for the gym, which remain firmly on your lugs for any kind of activity. Rejoice!

Invisible Earphones For The Ultimate Stealth Operation – Whether you’re at a dull family dinner or sat in the school assembly, there are times when having headphone on display isn’t right. You may want to listen to music, but the appearance of any wires would be an utter sign of disrespect.

Thankfully, technology is here to help you. Believe it or not, but you can readily purchase invisible earphones. While not actually invisible (see here) they are small enough to rest in your ear without being seen. They function just as a normal earpiece would, with none of the hassle. Just don’t forget to take them out at the end of the day!

Whether you’re upgrading your apartment or off for a swim, there’s always a possibility. Keeping an open mind and identifying the needs of your situation is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything. Music is important, and I urge you to take it everywhere!

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