What Guys Should Think About Before Proposing

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You’re madly, deeply in love, and you’re now thinking seriously about asking your partner to marry you. As soon as the idea of proposal enters your head, you’re hit with a rush of emotion. You imagining a beautiful proposal and an amazing life together – but there’s also some stress and dread. A proposal, after all, is a big deal, a massive turning point in your relationship.

Take a deep breath and check out this guide. There’s a lot of pressure on guys in this department, but take your time with this thing.

Are you sure? – This might sound like a dumb or unfair question. But this is love we’re talking about! It’s famous for instilling amazing emotions that cause you to make rash decisions. So think seriously about this. If you’re having any problems, you may want to smooth those over first.

Where does your desire to propose to your partner coming from? If you’re being pressured into it, either by your age or by other people, then you should think twice. Don’t feel obligated to propose. Don’t think that you need to propose just because, for example, you’ve been together for so long. Speaking of time frames, if you’ve only been together for a few months then you may want to reconsider. Every relationship is different, of course, but a few months may not be enough to know your partner intimately.

Prepare your lines – What are you going to say to them? People often forget that proposing is a sort of performance. You need to think of your lines and remember them!

The best thing to do is to speak simply and sincerely. You don’t want to come up with some Shakespearean sonnet. Just think about the time you’ve spent together, how you met, how you feel about them. Think about how you came to this decision to propose. You want to spend the rest of your life with them, right? Tell them why.

The ring – There’s a specific pressure on guys to blow a lot of money on the engagement ring. One of the oldest pressures is the whole “spend at least two months of your salary on the ring” thing. I’m fairly sure this was something started and perpetuated by the people who actually sell rings!

Throw that advice out the window. If you’re sure they’re going to love the ring you’re looking at, then don’t be put off by a bargain price. This is something that your partner will be wearing on their finger for the rest of their life (presumably!). Make sure to consider all your options. People often default to things like diamond, but there are also Black Opal engagement rings to consider. Look at all your options!

The right moment – Hollywood romances try to teach us to come up with an elaborate and expensive proposal. That might work out okay for the make-believe Hollywood characters, but in real life, it just tends to make people feel awkward. It’s really best to keep it simple and private. While I’ve written about the pressure put on the person proposing here, there’s also a lot of pressure on the person being proposed to! Something public and elaborate can end in disaster.

Do keep it simple, but don’t just pop the question suddenly while you’re at home watching television. Take them out somewhere. Consider going somewhere special, like your favorite holiday destination. If you can remember where you went on your first date, that’s also something to consider!

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  1. Josh Gann says:

    It’s true that all elements need to be in place for the proposal to be perfect. One of the most important, however, is the ring. However, even if it isn’t what she expected, there’s still plenty of time before the wedding to make up for it!


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