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We’re in the middle of the week. That time when Friday feels as far away as the moon and you’re already absolutely shattered. So, let’s talk about something fun or rather funny things in general. Let’s face it there are some things guys love to laugh at, and girls will never understand. At the same time, we’ve got the guilty pleasures. We know we shouldn’t laugh at these things, but we just can’t help it. They’re funny no matter how much society claims they shouldn’t be. Come on, own up who laughed at the first trailer for Sausage Party. We have no idea why sentient foods should be funny and yet there it was. You know you burst out laughing when the Irish potato was decapitated. Don’t worry you can put that statement in context by heading over to

Why is this funny? It really shouldn’t be and yet we can’t wait for it to be released. Goodness knows there’s hundreds of reaction videos. Hey, there’s a better question, what’s so amusing about reaction videos. You’re watching someone watch a trailer. That’s video inception right there and yet viewing numbers speak for themselves. People love it. Here are some other things we love to laugh at.

Memes And Gifs – Memes and gifs are like snapshots of comedy. They give you a little taster of something funny which is probably why is so popular. It’s not enough to just get one little tease. We will click a button and look at hundreds before we get bored. You’ll see similar things on 9Gag and funny chunk as well as many more across the net. But memes and gifs are funny because they say something about ourselves. That’s what makes them funny. When a meme says “That moment when” if you laugh it’s probably because you’ve experienced it yourself. Or, because you know exactly what they’re talking about. It’s that kind of understanding that means’ the joke lands. It’s why we can spend hours look at these sites and why these little pics are shared on social networks.

You might say you get bored of these appearing on your wall but admit it, they make you laugh. But there’s another aspect of this type of comedy as well. It’s not coming from famous comedians or people paid a fortune to make us laugh. They’re created by people like us. Average people in the world trying to get through the working day with a wink and a smile.

YouTube Videos – YouTube videos are a little bit of a guilty pleasure aren’t they. Unless you’re watching the cute ones, then you’re looking for videos that make other people look like idiots. It doesn’t matter that most of them are as stages as America’s Funniest Home Videos, either. They still make us laugh or shake our head in passed on embarrassment. Half of the time, if you’re on YouTube, you’re looking at video of someone acting like a complete moron. Why? Because you love it, we all do.

Reality Shows – Speaking of people acting like complete morons. We’re sure a number of our readers have got a reality TV show they watch purely as “a guilty pleasure.” We know it’s bad for us, but we just can’t stop because it’s too entertaining. In a way, it makes us feel better about ourselves. We can think, at least we’re not them or even laugh at how ridiculous they really are. The interesting thing is that these people typically aren’t as moronic as they seem. They do this for your own personal enjoyment so you should enjoy it. It’s practically written into their contract. In fact in some cases, that’s quite literally the case. Take the example of the British version of the dreaded Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore. Watching them, you might think that they’re complete idiots. But they’ve been paid to play a part. In some cases it’s written in their contract they have to act like their character, even when they’re not filming the show. Absurd yes, but nevertheless true. So if you ever feel bad about reality TV just remember. It’s no different than watching an old episode of Friends. 

To Be PC or Non PC – Finally, it’s worth thinking about politically correct comedy. Thanks to SJWs, almost everything you can think of that’s funny can now be taken as offensive to someone. You can say that means what you’re laughing is not funny, but it is. Anything can be funny as long as it’s in good humor and isn’t meant to be taken seriously. But humor by definition isn’t nasty or malicious. It’s comedy. You could say that a joke is offensive to one group or it’s unfair to another. But the fact is that almost every social group has been made fun of at one point or another. If everyone took offense, there’d be nothing to laugh about. As as famous comedian once said, either everything is funny or nothing is.


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