Unique Gifts For Your Bro

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I’m not a fan of the word “bro” when used in a non-familial way. It’s overused and makes me think of drunken frat boys. But sometimes a friend gives you a gift and you just can’t help it. You set eyes upon it, then look up at him and say “Thanks, bro!”. No other word feels quite as appropriate.

So here are some unusual gift ideas that will make your bro really bro out. They may not be particularly useful, but they’re cool in their own way. They’re the kind that’ll get you a laugh, a fist bump, and a “Thanks, bro!”. (Don’t overdo it, though. It’s still kind of annoying.

USB mix tape – Maybe you remember, maybe you don’t. Chances are you’ve only seen it in the movies, with awkward teenage boys giving custom mix tapes to their crushes. Back in the day, people would take hits from the radio or from other tapes, mix them up onto a new tape, and give that unique playlist to their friend.

Not only do we not use tapes that much anymore; we barely even use their CD replacements. Which is a shame, but I won’t go into that here. We listen to music digitally; we exchange mp3s and the like. Why not mix that with a bit of old-school music sharing sensibilities? Give them a USB from a supplier disguised as a mix tape. Get a unique playlist on there. Fill it with party anthems or whatever it is guys listen to together nowadays.

You know what would be an even weirder gift, though? An actual CD. With actual, legal music on it. That you paid money for, that you got from a music store. Your friend would probably just give you a weird look, though.

Signed memorabilia – Does your friend have a favorite sports star? No? Maybe he’s not a sports fan. What about music? Or comic books?

Whatever entertainment medium he likes, he’s probably got a favorite person in that field. And what could be cooler than giving him a gift with that person’s autograph on it? Again, this is something of a throwback. The autograph hasn’t gone out of fashion, exactly, but it does seem to have faded in importance. It’s all about getting a selfie with your favorite celebrity these days. Not to sound like a luddite, but isn’t it cooler to hold an item and know that your favorite sports star or artist actually interacted with it?

An online memorabilia auction can help you land rare and autographed items like this pretty inexpensively. Keep an eye out and see if you can nab something!

Personalized heritage plaque – If your friend has a bit of an ego problem, he may appreciate this one. Why not give him the opportunity to place a personalized heritage plaque outside his front door? Those are the things that signify the place as a place of historical importance. You’ll see them at the birthplaces or former homes of important people. William Blake, George Orwell and the like have heritage plaques all over London, for example. You could have his read “party animal and ultimate bro lives here”, or something. People who don’t like the word “bro” may deface it, though. But not me, though. Promise.

What have you given as a bro gift? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


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