Seven Top Free Games For Your Mobile

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Mobile gaming has never been more popular. In the gaming space more and more of us are complementing our gaming consoles and PCs with our phones and tablets. The reason is simple: mobile games are now better than ever. (And to be fair, they were pretty good in the first place. Remember snake?) Here’s a list of 7 of my picks you can get your hands on for free, today.

Ninja Strike 2 – This beautiful, stylish, Eastern-influenced platformer will keep you going for hours, if not days. You can scale icy mountains, avoid obstacles, and hop from side to side like a real ninja. Well almost.

Ultimate Rally Championship 2015 – Ever since the days of the original Colin McRae Rally on the PlayStation, I’ve dreamed of having a rally-racer game on my phone. What’s more, on phones, your experience does in some ways feel closer to life. You actually have to turn the handset, like you would a steering wheel, not just mindlessly mash buttons.

Battle Car Driver – Remember Carmageddon? If you do you’ll know what to expect. We were drawn to that game because we liked the fact that for once we could do whatever we wanted on the road. In Battle Car Driver you can do the same. Who hasn’t always wanted to go super fast along the highway with a mounted gun on the top of their car, shooting anyone who dares to get in their way?

Sceptre Of Pandora 2015 – Sceptre Of Pandora is, perhaps, for the more intellectual gamer. It’s a numerical puzzle game where you have to grab as many identical numbers as possible. Make sure you avoid the bombs, though. You don’t want to have to go back to square one.

FIFA 10 – Amazingly you can also pick this game up for free. Set up fixtures and play them in league competitions. Organize and play in tournaments, and set up your favorite strikers to score the winning goal. The touchscreen controls are excellent. So you can pull off defensive passes, long balls, even some fancy footwork. And when you score that winning goal, you can do what makes football the captivating game that it is: celebrate and laud it over the opposing team.

Deer Hunting – Sniper ShootingDeer Hunting is a 3D action shooting game with an amazing soundtrack and interesting gameplay elements. Stalk deer and sneak up on them like a real hunter. Then, pow. Get that perfect kill shot. Amazing for anyone looking to experience a wilderness environment on their mobile.

Wrestling Revolution 3D – Who doesn’t like getting in a few suplexes on the train on the way to work in the morning? This is Wrestling Revolution 3D’s bread and butter. But the game also allows you to manage your wrestlers backstage. You get a real appreciation of what life is like outside of the ring, and it adds a gameplay element that a lot of the other games in the genre neglect.

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