6 Ways to Advance Your Golfing Skills

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So, your golf game is not all you want it to be. Well, don’t despair. Practicing makes perfect, and there are many ways to improve your game in the meantime. Here are six ways to advance your skills today.

1. Get the Right Gear – If you want to start getting better at golf, you need to be playing with the right equipment first of all. Having the right golfing gloves, the right footwear, and top-quality clubs can make all the difference. No one wants to be playing with equipment that is substandard, so make sure you improve your gear if it isn’t very good. It might turn out to be the best golfing investment you ever make. Yes, we know a workman should never blame his tools. But, let’s face it, good tools help.

2. Find the Best Place to Practice – The place where you practice the different aspects of your game will have a big impact on you too. You need to be practicing on a course that gives you the best facilities possible. If you want to find the best golf courses near you, go to http://atthetee.com/. You might have to pay a little more to practice on the best courses, but it’s a great way to improve your game. And those new facilities will test your skills in new ways. And if you want to practice your putting game, you can do this at home by setting up a putting area in your back garden. It’s easy enough to do, and it’ll give you more opportunity to improve your putting.

3. Focus on Your Weaknesses – Every golfer has some weaknesses. And they have the things that they are particularly good at too. This is true for professionals as well as amateurs. You should focus on improving the things you’re bad at. This might sound like a pretty obvious thing to say. But many golfers prefer to stick to the things they’re good at and ignore the problems and faults in their game. But burying your head in the sand will not ever make you a better golfer. So, it makes sense to make sure that you are getting better at those things that you have never been much good at. It’s a sensible move.

4. Learn to Swing from the Torso – The most important part of your body to focus on when you take a swing is the torso. Many people focus on their arms and hands, as well as their footing. And all of those things are important. But so many people forget to focus on how important the torso is. Swinging your arms alone will not make for a good golf swing. You also need to twist the torso because this is what puts speed into the swing, much more so than your arms. You should twist your torso away from where you are aiming to hit the ball. And then when you start the downswing, rotate your torso towards the target. Visit http://dummies.com/how-to/content/how-to-construct-an-effective-golf-swing.html to find out more about improving your swing.

5. Stay Fit – Being fit is more important than you might realise. There is a lot of walking involved in playing golf. And if you are unfit and overweight, this will tire you out more quickly. And this will then have a detrimental effect on your golf game. That’s not the only way in which being fit can help you get better at golf either. You can also improve your swing by improving your upper arm strength. The firmer you can grip the club and power through that swing, the further you will be able to hit the ball. So, you should focus on improving both your general fitness and the muscle mass in your arms.

6. Work on Your Putting Routine – Every golfer needs to have their own routine that they go through when it comes to putting. It’s one of the most important aspects of your game because it’s the last thing you do. What’s the use of being able to hit the ball long if you can’t put it in the hole at the end? Your routine will be specific to you. But having a certain number of stages that you move through can be very useful when trying to improve your putting. Some people take a practice stroke and keep their eye on the hole before stepping forward and taking the shot for real. Practice a few routines and find out which one works best for you.

Do you golf? Any tips you can provide? Let us know below.

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