The Best Gadgets To Have On Your Trip With The Guys

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We’re in the last of the winter months and spring will soon be approaching, hopefully bringing better weather with it. What does that mean for you? Being able to spend the day outside, of course! Going out camping with the guys or having yourself a road trip is the perfect way to get away from the world. No bills or work worries out there, just nature, your friends and most likely a cooler full of booze. What else could you want? Well, plenty, as it happens. We got some of the coolest ways to quell the quiet nights and add a little more to your trip with these top gadgets.

Camera drones – One of the must-have gadgets of the past couple years. Drones are a lot of fun to fly, obviously. There’s no beating hovering around and seeing the surroundings from a new perspective. Now imagine taking it to the woods with you or out on a drive, seeing the country from new heights. Getting yourself a quadcopter is one of the ways to capture memories of the boys’ night out that never gets old.

Wallet Ninja – A utility tool for every man, the Wallet Ninja’s a compact little thing that can fit in your wallet but do the job of a toolkit. It can act as a screwdriver, act a cell phone stand and most importantly open your bottles and cans. Not only great for solving all kinds of problems while out in the wilderness, it’s great for any kind of indoor tasks, too. It can even pull nails and act as a screwdriver. We could go on about it for ages, so just check it out and you’ll agree it’s a handy part of any man’s arsenal of gadgets.

Sawyer Squeeze Filter – This is for when you’re really going out into the big, wide wild. You can leave the water bottles behind with these squeezable, collapsible filtration bags. The bags come in different shapes and sizes depending on how long you plan to be out there. They can be rolled right up, too, so you don’t have to worry about cumbersome filtration equipment taking up your valuable beer space.

Mobile gaming devices – Your friends are going to hate you for this one. Hog all the fun to yourself, or share if you must, with a mobile gaming device. This thing can pair with any iPad or tablet and turn them into your own screen. It pairs with any mobile app that allows controller input, so make sure your device is pre-loaded with the sweetest games it can run. No more waking up early and having no idea what to do while you wait for the other lazy bums.

Solar speakers – You’ll never be left in silence again with these bad boys. These speakers can be charged the regular way, which we recommend. But once you’re out there with the guys, they’ll just keep going and going thanks to the power of the sun. You can take your music anywhere now without having to rely on the tinny speakers in whatever phone you got.

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