uNu Aero 6 Wireless Charging Battery Case: The Review

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I am back again doing a review of my favorite battery case to date. This time it is for the uNu Aero Wireless charging case for the iPhone 6. For my first review for the iPhone 5 case please click here. Back after I did my review of the iPhone 5 case, the material started to chip even with out dropping it. That being said the company had me send back the case to evaluate the materials used and with the redesign of the iPhone 6 case have done a great job. My favorite part of this case is how simple it is to use. When it comes to charging your device, all you have to do is place the phone on the mat with the case on it and the phone and the case charge at the same time (first the phone charges to 100% then the extra battery). Once again I will never worry about my phone dying with this product because it gives my phone great battery life.

The Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case for iPhone 6 and 6s adds a 3,000 mAh battery (an upgrade from the 2,000 mAh battery for the iPhone 5) to your iPhone and wireless charging capabilities which will allow for a full second charge for your phone. Along with the case, you’ll get a slim and sleek charging pad designed to work with the case. First the phone is charged to 100%, then the auxiliary battery is charged up.

Having tested this item over the last week, I can certainly confirm that it is well made, well designed and overall a really positive addition to an iPhone 6. The case very easily clips over the phone and is a perfect fit. The case contains an internal Apple Lightning connector that mates with your phone and connects the case’s external battery to the iPhone’s battery charging port. You can charge your phone and the case’s battery by plugging in a Micro USB charging cable or by laying the case onto the charging pad when the pad is plugged into a USB charging source. For ideal performance the pad likes to see 5 VDC at 2 Amps.

Pro’s of this case would be the obvious easy to place and remove from charger as it will charge in any orientation as long as the phone is on the charging plate. The case is sturdy more so than I expected from a battery case and is comparable to a more robust case like otter box. Holding the case it makes your iPhone 6s as tall as a iPhone+ but is still “pocket-able” and offers good all round protection including a lip around the screen for front drops. The only con that I experienced are that the supplied charging cable is only 2 feet long and that is incredibly short if you expect to use a USB AC wall charging power pack and set the pad on a desk, dresser or basically anything. You will have to find another longer cable and make sure that it is a good one that can transmit both power and data.

  • Designed to be the thinnest UNU iPhone 6 Battery Case, Aero features a durable polycarbonate shell with a 12.9mm from screen to the back total thickness.
  • This iPhone 6/6S portable charger battery Case features an unparalleled powerful 3000mAh battery cell that provides an additional 100%+ battery life equivalent to an added 16+ hours talk time or 13+ hours web browsing time. Included wireless charging pad.
  • Uniquely designed bumper latch for strongest enclosure of iPhone 6s, raised bumper to add extra screen protection. Your iPhone 6 6S can survive in any tough scenario.
  • Featuring Front-facing all-in-one button for easy operation. Press button to show power level of the case. Press and hold to toggle the charging status.
  • One Year Warranty by UNU ensures the Aero-6X Wireless Battery Case will last as long as your iPhone 6/6S.For pricing and availability, you can find both versions (iPhone and Galaxy) available on the uNu site. The iPhone 6/6s version is available for $109.95, while the Galaxy SIV version retails for $89.95. You can also purchase additional charging pads for $24.95.

For the price I think it is 100% justified it is a great battery case with good all round protection that isn’t made much heavier or thicker and functions as advertised.

Disclosure: I received the uNu Aero wireless charging battery case in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.


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