A Look At The 4 Most Popular Car Manufacturers In The World

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Anyone that’s interested in cars will like to keep up to date with the latest trends and what have you. So, I’ve come up with a list of the most popular car manufacturers in the world, right now!

Toyota – For the last few years, Toyota has been the big daddy of the car industry. They’re regularly topping sales charts and are seen as an extremely popular manufacturer. As you can see on the Currie Motors website, they offer a whole variety of cars. From city slickers to 4x4s, and everything in between. What makes them so popular is that they use a range of cool tech in their cars. The new Toyota Land Cruiser combines modern technology with a luxury feel, to create a near perfect vehicle. They also have a Prius range which uses hybrid tech to be more fuel efficient. One thing’s for certain, no matter what Toyota you buy, you’re buying a classy car.

Mercedes-Benz -The next manufacturer on this list is a world famous brand that’s been around for years. Yes, Mercedes-Benz is a popular manufacturer that produces timeless classics. You still see people driving around in Mercedes that are decades old and look just as cool as they did back then. What makes the cars so great is the design. Everything about a Merc is sexy; it’s such a high-class brand. If you’re seen driving a Mercedes, people will turn their heads and look at you open-mouthed. They do so many amazing cars, my favorite being their S-Class range.

BMW – Third up is another German manufacturer that oozes luxury and quality. BMW are one of the biggest and best car brands out there today. Each vehicle is designed with the iconic BMW grill on the front. Like the other manufacturers on this list, they offer a vast array of vehicles for people to buy. They have small cars, big cars, and are even developing self-driving cars. Similar to Toyota, they’re known as a manufacturer intent on using modern technology. The new i8 is a testimony to this, and probably one of the most epic cars on the market today. Seriously, that thing looks like a luxurious batmobile.

Audi – It’s no wonder that the Germans are known for their engineering, as yet another one of their manufacturers makes my list. Audi has gone from strength to strength in the past ten years. They’ve got a big racing background, and that’s shown in cars like the TT and R8. As well as producing rapidly fast, fun cars, they also make classy vehicles. Every car they sell looks beautiful and gives off an aura of respect to passers by. If you see someone in an Audi, the chances are they’re pretty important. It’s a luxury brand, and those four rings have become pretty iconic in recent times.

And so concludes my list of the best car manufacturers in the world today. To no one’s surprise, the Germans dominate the automobile world at the moment. But, Japanese giants, Toyota, are putting up a formidable fight with their array of luxury and versatile vehicles.

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