The Audi TT: Why This Is A Coupe You Need To Take Seriously

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When it comes to driving a stylish and sleek car, there are scores of options on the market. Today’s trendsetting professionals demand cars that reflect their lifestyle. After all; you wouldn’t see a high-flying professional driving a budget-brand car!

With so many options to select from, which car is the best for the trendy motorist? Well, as with many things in life, it depends on personal preference. One specific model seems to be making great strides with young professionals. If you’re a fashion-conscious person, you need to consider getting behind the wheel of a new Audi TT.

Here are a few reasons why this is a car you need to take seriously before making your new car choice:

It’s aimed at people like you – The latest generation Audi TT is hoping to make great strides in your demographic. In fact, the previous two generations have been successful at doing so. The latest incarnation is sure to follow that likely tradition.

One cannot help but gaze their eyes upon the new Audi TT’s curves and sculpted contours. It is the epitome of modern yet stylish motoring in the 21st century. The German car maker has captured the essence of fresh design and advanced technology!

It’s a head-turner – I once took the TT for a test drive after spotting one for sale on As I’m in the market for a stylish new car, I never fully realized just how beautiful these cars are! Wherever I drove, I got admiring glances from both other motorists and pedestrians.

Even when the car gets parked up, one can’t help but do a double-take at the Audi TT. And there was me thinking people were looking at the handsome fellow behind the wheel! Never mind.

An interior you’ll never wish to exit from – One of the best selling points of the Audi TT, in general, is the car’s interior. Let’s face it; when you’re on the road, you might spend a lot of time sitting in your car.

Aside from getting a stylish vehicle, it must also offer matched function too. The cabin of the latest Audi TT is a boutique interior consisting of an aluminium trim. And the main focal point is, without a doubt, the 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster.

What might surprise you is that there’s no center console display. That’s because the LCD screen got fitted behind the steering wheel! It gives the driver the feeling they are piloting a fighter jet rather than a car.

I don’t know about you, but that’s just super-cool! Check out the site for a full review of the new digital gauge cluster.

Smooth performance and fuel economy – Last, but not least, one can’t help but notice there are just two engine choices in the standard Audi TT. One is a petrol unit while the other is diesel.

The good news is both power plants have turbochargers. That means the forced induction can offer better performance and fuel economy. Speed freaks will no doubt want to opt for the TT S model, which boasts 306 brake horsepower!

For those with more frugal motoring needs, the diesel is the obvious choice. Despite that fact, its specifications are still impressive. As standard, the diesel unit outputs 181 bhp and fuel economy of 62 MPG.


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