How Not Go Mad With Boredom When You’re Sick

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Whether you’re ‘dying’ of man flu or have a nasty sickness bug, being unwell is never nice. While the best thing that you can do, while you recover from whatever it is you had, is stay nice and cozy at home, where you can get lots of rest. Being stuck at home with only your pet cat for company, can be mind-numbingly dull.

We’ve all been there. You’re sick, have a raging temperature and are bored out of your mind. If you have to watch one more daytime television program, you think you’ll actually scream. While being stuck at home sick sucks, you don’t have to be bored. Even under house arrest by the doctor, you can still keep your mind busy, here’s how:

Immerse yourself in a book – You might think that you don’t like reading, but the truth is, you probably just don’t have the time for it. However, when you’re sick, all you have is time, so it’s the ideal opportunity to see if reading is a hobby that you could learn to love. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, grab a blanket and curl up on the sofa with a good book. Don’t have a book at home? Download one onto your iPad or smartphone. Yes, almost all devices can now be used as makeshift Kindles. Pretty cool, right?

Netflix and chill – When you’re sick, Netflix and chill means exactly that, no funny business. Don’t already have Netflix? When you’re sick is the perfect time to take the leap and sign up, so that you can spend your time off of work watching all the most interesting shows. (You might even be able to get a free trial that you can cancel once you’re back at work.) Wave goodbye to crappy daytime TV, and instead, give yourself instant access to hundreds of movies and shows. If you’re stuck for what to watch, Homeland, Dexter, and Fringe all come highly recommended.

Surf the net – Okay, so ‘surfing the net’ might be an outdated term, but you get the idea. You know those incredibly funny memes, pages, and videos that turn up on your Facebook news feed? Well, there are whole websites packed full of them, and when you’re off work sick is the perfect time to discover them. For some of the funniest content on the web, check out this page. Here you’ll find content that’s packed with humor and perfect for keeping you entertained for hours at a time.

Spoil yourself with a bubble bath – Who said candle-lit bubble baths were just for girls? Okay, a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles might be a little girly. But when you’re under the weather it’s the perfect way to make yourself feel better. Not to mention, kill time. Fill the tub with water and a small amount of your fave bubble bath, light some candles, and pop a playlist of your fave tunes on. Trust us, after your bath, you’ll feel ten times better.

Want to make being off sick more bearable? Take note of the tips above and you can ensure that you’re not bored, and instead, enjoy your time off.


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