Giving Up Smoking In 2016? Here’s How To Stick To It

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Let’s make 2016 the year you quit smoking for good. Say goodbye to poor health and expensive habits! It’s the New Year, and time for a change. We all know that smoking is bad for us, but that doesn’t make it any easier to quite. Trust us, we’ve been through the same process. You may have already tried going ‘cold turkey’ before. It’s not always easy to keep cigarettes out of your life, and relapses are very easy. Today, we’ll help you put a plan in place to cut smoking out of your life for good.

Make a plan

It’s crucial to realize that you’ll never stop smoking overnight. Cutting them out of your life, and going cold turkey, is the quickest way to a relapse. Instead, you need to ween yourself off nicotine slowly. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and removing is completely causes withdrawal symptoms. But, by slowly lowering the reliance and cravings, it’s much easier. With that in mind, we’re going to phase out the smoking over a period of time. Set yourself a plan three or four weeks into the future. Set an end date, and lower your consumption gradually.

Identify your triggers

Once you’ve started to cut down, or stopped completely, triggers are your worst enemy. It’s easy to give in to a quick cigarette when out drinking with friends, for example. Face up to your triggers, and learn to identify them. If you know you’ll definitely want a cigarette when you go out for a drink, try to avoid the smoking areas. If certain foods trigger a craving (meat is often the main culprit), try to avoid those particular foods for a while.

Try vaping

If you’ve been a smoker for years, it’s tricky to break that habitual movement. Smoker are used to having something in their fingers, and smoke in their lungs. As a result, vaping has become incredibly popular. It’s an easy way to ween yourself off cigarettes, by inhaling sweet substances. Try the Ascent and DaVinci Classic, two of the newest vapes on the market. They don’t harm your lungs, but you still get a small nicotine hit.

Keep your hands busy

The hardest thing for a smoker trying to quit is knowing what to do with your hands! Again, this is particularly true in social situations. You’re used to holding something while chatting or drinking. Try holding something small in your hands, especially when around your triggers. Something like a pencil or inhaler will just keep your hands busy for the time being.

Make a list of reasons to quit

Each of the tricks above work well, but there’s nothing to stop you relapsing. That’s why a list of reasons to quit is the most important part. Try to make them as meaningful and compelling as possible. Perhaps you want to quit to show a better example to your children. Perhaps you want to run a marathon or avoid a medical condition. Make these reasons powerful and compelling. They’re the only thing that will stop you going back.

We hope this information helps you fight back against smoking in 2016! Good luck!

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