Engagement Rings: The Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Jeweler

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If you are a man, buying an engagement ring is not easy. You don’t want to sound like a typical male, but it is not your specialist subject, so how are you supposed to choose correctly? Well, there are several ways to ensure you find the perfect ring, and one of them is to find the perfect jeweler. A great jeweler will use their expertise and their experience to guide you through the process and make sure it all goes smoothly. So, how are you supposed to find the perfect jewelers? You can start by asking the right questions.

Does The Jeweler Have A Good Reputation? – A reputation is not everything, but it does give you a good insight into who is popular and who is not popular in the industry. Regardless of what you think of reputations, you cannot deny that they help you cut down the possible candidates. After all, you are not going to buy a ring from a jeweler that gets bad feedback. When you hear the name, does it strike a chord? If it does, their reputation is strong and makes them worth checking out.

Do They Have A Good Track Record? – Reputations and track records go hand in hand. When you find a jeweler with a good reputation, you use their track record as a means to see whether they are legitimate. Start by looking online at unbiased sources to find out whether their previous customers were satisfied. Or, you can cut out the middleman and ask the customers directly. That way, you know that the jeweler is telling the truth, and the business is not making up their reviews and feedback.

How Are The Prices? – Let’s get straight into it – engagement rings are expensive. If you are following conventional wisdom, you should spend anywhere between three and six month’s salary on a ring. The problem is that maybe out of your price range, so you need to find a budget option. Or, you need to find jewelers that sell high-quality rings at lower than the average market price, such as Whiteflash.com. Whiteflash’s designer engagement rings are among the best priced on the market, and they look stunning. Finding a jeweler that doesn’t charge a fortune could be the best decision you ever make!

What About The Selection? – Next, you want a good selection of rings. Finding the perfect ring is subjective, which means it could appear out of nowhere. You will have to trawl through lots of different makes and models before you find the one that you love, and more importantly, the one that she loves. If they only have a few to choose from, you are lowering your chances, and you may have to settle for a ring you don’t like. Never spend that amount of cash on a ring that you and your partner won’t appreciate.

Is The Jeweler Knowledgeable? – Because you don’t know the first thing about engagement rings, you need a guide. The jeweler is the best candidate as they know everything there is to know, plus it is their job!

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  1. Josh Gann says:

    Always be sure to look into the reputation of the jeweler. Ask people who have shopped there before, search online reviews and anything else that you can use to your advantage. Also, you must feel comfortable where you buy the ring. It is very handy to have someone local to take care of minor issues that can happen from time to time, rather than shipping the ring back to who-knows-where.


  2. My brother is trying to figure out what engagement ring to get his girlfriend when he proposes. I am sure that all of these questions, especially the ones about price and reputation, will be very valuable to him. How can someone know that they are getting charged the right price for a wedding ring? http://www.lauratedesco.com/engagement


  3. Marcus Coons says:

    I agree with you in that is is important to check for reputations when looking for the best quality jewelry. It is important to remember that taking the time to read online reviews can help you find the best items that will be worth your money. Personally, I would want to make sure I know what type of pieces I want and find a store that has experience and can work with the type or jewel style I’m looking for.


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