Protect Your Car With This Essential Maintenance

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We know some people think that guys care too much about their vehicles. But we disagree. Guys care about their vehicles the right amount. You have to remember that a car isn’t a toy and it’s not an accessory, it’s a machine. Machines needs looking after almost as much as people. They need the proper maintenance otherwise, they are not going to run properly. More importantly, if you don’t properly maintain your car they might not be safe for road use. These are the maintenance tips that we suggest.

Wash Your Car Regularly – Did you know that the more money you have the less clean your car is likely to be? We’re not sure why this is. Perhaps rich people just don’t care about vehicles. Or they know if they damage one they can can just buy another. Or maybe they just know their cars are so impressive they don’t need to be clean. One thing is certain. We must be poorer than church mice because we always keep ours looking shiny and new. You should do the same. If you keep your car clean, then you will be able to see if there is any damage to the outside of the vehicle. As well as this, you’ll avoid the chance of dirt and mud building up in sensitive areas. If mud builds up around the brake pads it could dramatically affect your stopping distance.

Keep Your Trunk In Check – If you have a heavy duty vehicle like a truck or an SUV, you’re going to have a lot of trunk space. If you have an open bed on the back of your vehicle, you’ll be able to carry a quad bike or motorcycle. You might carry rubbish to the scrap yard or hey, maybe you’re bringing home your Christmas tree? But all these items have one thing in common. They could seriously damage your drunk, leaving your car a mess. To prevent this, you can use a spray on bedliner. This will keep your trunk safe from scratches, dents or any other damage. You can even use this spray on the entire exterior of your car if you want to be extra cautious.

Check The Engine – It should be common knowledge but a lot of car users are still forgetting to check their engine regularly. Then they wonder why they have ended up on the side of the road. You should be checking your engine at least once every fortnight. You need to make sure they oil is at the right level, and there is water in the engine. As well as this, you need to watch out for warning signs. If there is little bits of metal in the oil, this points to a serious issue. You need to take your car for a repair immediately.

Drive Safe – Of course, the easiest way to maintain your car is to simply drive it safely. Don’t do skids, don’t wear out the tires and don’t be reckless. That way you’ll stay safe, and you won’t have to hire a mechanic to fix any damages.


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