Essential Checks Every Guy Should Make Before Driving His Car

 Most men from the older generation understand how engines work. Around 80% of male drivers today have no clue how to look after their vehicle. Times have changed, and that means you’re going to need some advice from the experts. Today, we will show you some essential checks that should help to make sure you don’t experience issues on the road. Every guy reading this post should perform these checks at least once each week. That will ensure you spot any problems before they become dangerous. Also, you’ll start to gain a better understanding of how your car works.

Check fluid levels – You need to lift the hood and take a look at the fluid levels regularly. Your vehicle should always have a decent level of brake fluid, so it’s probably worth topping it up. Likewise, you should also make sure it had enough antifreeze and window fluid before starting the engine. Take a look at your manual if you are not sure about the levels you need to maintain. Always keep spare brake fluid, oil, and window fluid in your garage. That way, you won’t have to get a lift to the shop if your car is running low.

Check your brakes – Brake pads can wear down, and your stopping distance can increase considerably. With that in mind, you need to check your brakes on a weekly basis. You can take a look at them while the car is stationary, and then test them out on the road. It should be obvious if you need replacements from the way to brakes feel. Simply call a brake repair specialist when you feel the pads on your vehicle have seen better days. In most instances, you won’t have trouble finding an expert who is willing to come to your home. That means you can get the car fixed without leaving your driveway.

Check tire pressure – Anyone who doesn’t know the perfect tire pressure for their car should take another look at the manual. However, you can remedy the situation by visiting your local fueling station. Most businesses of that nature provide a machine that pumps free air for their customers. So long as you know the optimum pressure, you just have to type it into the machine. Your tires will inflate to the correct level in seconds, and you can drive away safely. It’s sensible to purchase a pump and keep it in your car in case you ever get a flat at home. You can get some cheap tools these days, and most of them plug into your cigarette lighter.

So long as you perform those simple checks, your driving experience should become hassle-free. Just remember to take your vehicle for regular services, and never drive without assessing the situation. There are lots of mobile mechanics you can all if you ever break down. So, make sure you keep their numbers in your glove box. You can guarantee you won’t have any internet signal on your phone when you need assistance. That’s what we like to call sod’s law.

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