How Long Do Thanksgiving Leftovers Last?

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Well Thanksgiving is over and the company has gone. Now comes the big question, what should we do with a the leftovers and how long can we store the food? You do want to make sure you get to enjoy all this great food till it is all gone, no? To me, sometimes the best thing about the Thanksgiving dinner IS the leftovers but it’s important to make sure leftovers and any perishable food follows safe food storage guidelines.

The amount of perfectly edible turkey meat Americans will throw into the garbage can this Thanksgiving is enough to make you lose your appetite. Of the nearly 248 million turkeys raised for slaughter in the United States, a whopping $282 million worth of perfectly edible meat will be wasted, enough to feed each American household in the country 11 additional servings!

For some helpful hints on how to long your Thanksgiving leftovers can last click here

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