Awesome Pieces Of Tech Any Man Would Love

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Around here we love technology and all the little gadgets it brings into our world to make life easier. Whether it’s the phone that we couldn’t live without or the television our Friday nights revolve around tech is a big part of how we live our life. It’s a big part of most men’s lives, let’s be honest. We’re not saying it’s the most important part. Certainly our wife and kids are the most important part. But, we do love our tech and if you’re looking to buy a guy a gift a piece of tech is a great option. There are certainly lots of different awesome types of the market!

Portable Film Projector – We had no idea these existed until they were mentioned on The Flash this week. A quick search online and you’ll find portable movie projectors are ridiculously cheap. They’re only around twenty bucks. To make them work, you can plug them into your phone and point them at a white wall. You’ll soon be watching your favourite films and shows on a big screen. It’s perfect if you want a guys movie night on a budget. Although, we should warn results do vary. We wouldn’t suggest that you’ll get a perfect image. Essentially it’s just a digital magnifying glass but for basic needs they work quite well.

Printing Pen – Who doesn’t love being creative once in awhile. We sure do and we have to admit seeing your drawings come to life in the air is a true treat. A new 3D printing pen is a truly remarkable gadget. Once you plug it in you can draw anything and watch it come to life before your eyes. You could creates figures, toys or modern art. We certainly wouldn’t be disappointed if we found one of these in our sack Christmas morning. The typical pen is quite dangerous for children to use. So, if you’re thinking about buying one for a kid you might be better off looking at the models designed for younger age group. There is less chance of them burning themselves.

Star Wars BB8 Droid – Is there any guy out there that isn’t excited for the new Star Wars movie? We don’t think so, and that’s why we think the new Star Wars BB8 Droid is perfect for kids and men alike. It’s a fun little gadget that will follow you around just like the film character. It can also be operated remotely using your mobile phone. We love this idea although we are wary of the price. At $125 it would certainly make an expensive gift. But the look of joy on their face would certainly be worth it.

Drones – Drones are all the rage right now. Whether you want to spy on your neighbour or just get a birdseye view Drones are awesome. Okay, annoyingly awesome, but just think how much fun you could have with one, taking to the sky. Although again, the price is a bit of a turn off. If you want a high quality drone, you’re looking at spending at least five hundred dollars. Maybe we’ll stick with the printing pen and let our imaginations run wild instead of letting them soar high.

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