How To Get Fit By Cycling

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Cycling is a great way to stay fit, but you need to get your approach right if you want to succeed. Here’s what you’ll need to do if you want to get fit by cycling.

Buying the Bike – You can’t start cycling until you have a bike, so this is the very first step to take. You’ll need to think about what kind of cycling you want to do before you decide which bike is right. If you’re sticking to the road, research the different road bike options. But if you’re hoping to cycle on harsher terrain, make sure you buy a mountain bike. You’ll also need to get the right clothing. You can find aerodynamic cycling jerseys at Circle City Bicycles, so have a look at what they have to offer.

Warming Up – Before you get on your bike, you need to know how you’re going to warm up. This is something that a lot of new cyclists forget about, but it’s essential. If you fail to warm up properly, you will cause yourself an injury. This will set you back and hamper your fitness efforts even further. One-legged squats and lunges are the main forms of warm up you should focus on. But any form of exercise that gets your legs and lower back active and warmed up is a good thing to do.

Plan Your Routine – If you want to get fit, then you need to draw up a routine for yourself. This is the cycling routine that you’ll stick to, no matter what. So, it needs to be testing and difficult enough to push your body beyond its comfort zone. But it also needs to be a routine that you’re able to stick to. If you can’t stick to the cycling routine, you’ll quickly become disheartened with it all. And this can mean that you’ll be more likely to quit. Once you get more comfortable with the exercise, you can increase the amount of cycling you do.

Stay Hydrated – If your reason for taking up cycling is to get fit, you need to make sure you also stay hydrated. You don’t want to make yourself sick by cycling without drinking the right amount of water. This would have the reverse impact on your body. Rather than getting fitter, you would seriously damage your fitness. So, make sure that you take a large bottle of water with you when you go out cycling. And every so often take a drink from it. This will also help you keep your performance as high as it can be.


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