3 Ways You Can Spend Time Procrastinating Online

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It happens to everyone. We try and do work, get a report done or hand that essay in on time. But, as soon as we go online, we get distracted. We wallow away the hours doing…what exactly? Absolutely nothing that’s what. When you think about what you did in the past four hours when you should have been working, you won’t remember. The time just vanishes into nothing, and you’re left with an essay that still isn’t complete. A tax form that looks sorrowfully empty. You might have thought I was about to offer you advice on how to avoid this problem. But, we all know it’s going to happen. So, why not embrace it? Here are some of the best ways you can spend your time doing absolutely nothing online.

MMO Games – What are MMO games? If you have never heard of MMOs, you probably have a far more productive life than most people. Warcraft is perhaps the most famous MMO and will soon be a major Hollywood movie, releasing in 2016. In Warcraft walk through a huge online world, completing quests sometimes with friends. Some people believe that this game is more addictive than crack cocaine. It’s certainly just as expensive with massive add-on packs that cost a fortune, not to mention, in game purchases. You could waste a lot of your income on this virtual world. As well as your life! The “best” Warcraft players have literally spent years of their life leveling up characters. The news stories are also quite interesting too. Warcraft has been known to break up marriages and end friendships. You might be better off sticking with a smaller MMO like Realms.

View Funny Pictures – If there is one thing that’s awesome about how connected the world is online, it’s the easy way we can make each other laugh. Either by looking at Funny Pictures from the CHIVE or scrolling through Tumblr, the internet now has more funny junk than it does porn. That’s saying a lot, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Although viewing funny pictures is procrastination, making them can be quite profitable. You might be familiar with the Grumpy Cat memes. Now, the owner of that cat is making bucket loads with the film rights being sold and merchandise. But, that’s not the first time this happened. Years ago a similar thing occurred with the Crazy Frog. We live in a weird and peculiar world.

How Much Money Can You Lose? – Do you fancy taking a break from the games and funny pictures? Then why not see how much money you can lose by gambling online. Yes, there is no better way to lose your life savings than to start gambling online. Why is that? Since it’s on a computer screen, it doesn’t feel real. Until the next time, you look at your bank account and have lost thousands. Although we can’t deny, you’ll have fun. Now there are online gambling games with your favorite Marvel characters.

On second thoughts, maybe you would be better off buckling down and completing your report. At least that way, you won’t get lost in this weird online world.

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