Geeky Motoring: Here’s Why I’d Buy A Lexus 200h

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I’ve always had more than a passing interest in cars, especially when it comes to technology. Today’s cars have all kinds of computer-based gadgetry. It’s always interesting to learn of new developments and innovations.

I’m quite happy with my current car at the moment. But, I was thinking of what I might get for my next vehicle. I’ve decided that the Lexus CT200h has to be my next set of wheels! Toyota, who own Lexus, are well known for their tech innovations. Here’s why I have fallen in love with the Lexus CT200h:

It has a TFT dashboard – In most cars you can expect to see some analogue dials for the speedometer and so forth. Some models may even have digital odometers. Did you know that the dashboard in the Lexus CT200h comprises a TFT screen?

Lexus say it uses “Optitron” technology. No, it’s not something out of Transformers! In a nutshell, it’s just a flash marketing term for their 3D backlit TFT screen. The brilliant thing about this technology is the display is crisp and clear. And much nicer than looking at analogue dials, I think!

It has a hybrid powertrain – If you’re a gadget geek that’s into cars, you’ll find hybrid engines fascinating! I have no problem in admitting that I’m such a gadget geek.

The Lexus CT200h borrows the 1.8-litre VVT-i hybrid system used in the Toyota Prius. I’ve driven the Prius before, and I’ve also taken the CT200h for a test drive from Inchcape Lexus. The engine in both cars performs well, but the Lexus offers a more refined drive in my opinion.

It has a lot of safety systems – The Lexus CT200h has a plethora of safety systems as standard. I like to think that I’m a good driver, but there’s no way I can determine the actions of other motorists all the time.

It comes with a Brake Assist System as standard. In layman’s terms, the car takes over the braking distribution during an emergency stop. Hill Start Assist Control stops the car rolling backwards when you’re driving off from a hill. And the Vehicle Stability Control makes sure you don’t skid everywhere during adverse weather.

Of course, the car also comes with other safety features such as driver and passenger airbags. There’s even a Pre-Crash Safety System that determines the likelihood of a front-end collision. If it deems it necessary, it’ll give you an audible warning. It’ll also start braking if required.\

There are four “driving modes” to choose – As the car is a hybrid, the Lexus CT200h offers four distinct driving modes. One of them is all-electric mode. If you’re doing local driving, you can use that mode to save on fuel. Of course, you’ll need to use the engine at some point to recharge the batteries!

There’s also a Normal, Eco and Sport mode to suit your style of driving. Lexus have thought of everything!

It’s practical – Being a family man, I also need a car that offers practicality. Yes, I know, it’s not technology-related. But, when you’ve got kids you need a car that offers plenty of space. Especially when you’re planning a day out with your family somewhere!

It might surprise you to learn the cabin space inside the Lexus CT200h is quite big. Even the cargo space in the boot is plentiful. This is one of those cars where looks can be deceiving!

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