Eli’s Movember

Eli Manning, Movember, men's health, November, football

I know everyone wants to get into the Movember spirit but some people should stay away from attempting a Movember stache. You know who I mean. There is always one friend who attempts to grow one and it is just so out of place. One celeb/sports figure that comes to mind is NY Giants QB, Eli Manning. His Movember stache two years ago looked like he put a squirrel on his upper lip.

Looking on Twitter, it seems I am not the only one who feels that way either. See what some Twitterers had to say about it.

@chrstnisamazing: Eli Manning should not be participating in Movember. Unless it’s for charity. #repulsive

@raford3: Appreciate Eli Manning’s dedication to Movember. But, holy cow, that’s an awful mustache.

@arielleBigBlue: Maybe by next Movember Eli Manning’s mustache will have finally grown into a big boy mustache.

@PaulyPM: Eli Manning must be the creepiest guy with a mustache #Movember

For more on this topic, check out My Movember Blues. Do you know someone who should never grow a mustache? Tell us about it below or share your Movember mustache with us on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #TGCMovember.

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