How Has Modern Technology Improved Our Relationship With Golf?

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Golf is one of the greatest games on earth. It offers a light form of exercise and competitive nature that has been enjoyed for generations. Whether it’s a business trip or a leisurely day out with friends, a few hours on the course is one of the most relaxing and fun forms of activity around.

One of the best things about golf is the simplicity. All you need is a few clubs and a ball, and you’re off. However, as with most things in the modern world, progressions to modern technology have taken the game to a completely new level.

Here’s how the improvements have enhanced the sport for amateur players, and how you can take advantage.

Better Equipment – The most obvious starting point is the fundamental equipment. Golf clubs have come a long way over the past few decades, and modern upgrades make it easier than ever for leisurely players to see better results.

Moreover, training equipment is just one of several ways that players can improve their swing. Modern tech also includes smartphone Apps that can give you pointers on your game. Meanwhile, genuine enthusiasts can find plenty of video tutorials on the subject too.

Better equipment also encourages you to get out on the course more often. And as they say, practice makes perfect.

Improved Clothing – Golf attire plays a key role in the sport, but not only because it’s part of the protocol. More importantly, the right clothing can leave your body more comfortable and ready for the swinging action.

As with the equipment, golf clothes have improved significantly over the years. It’s a big business and, therefore, it should come as no surprise that the quality has increased dramatically.

Meanwhile, internet shopping has enabled golf fans to research and buy the best attire without even needing to leave their homes. How’s that for modern tech influencing the process of playing?

Increased Course Facilities – Unlike many sports, golf carries an aura of luxury, which is underlined by its presence in the business world. Playing can be a social event, and many courses have club houses with quality facilities such as restaurants.

Quite frankly, you could have a fun day at the course even if you didn’t get to play. Nonetheless, completing a round is the primary purpose of heading to the course. There’s nothing worse than missing out due to poor weather.

Modern golf course drainage products allow owners to keep their facilities in top condition. This decreases closure times, giving players a better chance of completing their round. Ultimately, this increased playing time has to be the biggest change of all.

Virtual Caddy Unless you’re a professional on the PGA tour, the chances of having a caddy on the course are quite slim. However, modern tech can help give you pointers to ensure you make the best decisions when trying to find the pin.

One of our favourite gadgets has to be the golf range finder. This handy piece of equipment can tell you exactly how far it is to the pin, which can give you a much better chance of making the right club and shot selection.

If only we could find a way for it to carry our clubs around too…

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