Here’s What You Should Be Eating If You Want To Bulk Up This Season


Sometimes it is really hard to bulk up in the right way. How many times have you found yourself putting on pounds of blubber instead of muscle? It could be to do with the foods you thought were right for muscle building. There are lots of websites out there offering advice on a diet when it comes to weight training. But there might be an easier and simpler way for you to get the nutrients you need.

Choosing the right foods in the right quantities is key. It can be very tempting to chow down on copious quantities of chicken to get plenty of protein. However, the body can only absorb a small amount of protein each day. The rest is ejected as waste. All you are doing is taking on extra calories that you might not be burning off. This can create extra fat instead of muscle.

When you are concentrating on building muscle, you want to be lifting weights three or four times a week. The other days are rest days, giving the damaged muscle tissue a chance to heal and build. Without cardio work and activity in between, you could be consuming more calories than you need each day. Stick to a lean diet that doesn’t add extra fats or calories.

Buffalo meat is a good alternative to beef as it is leaner and can seem more filling. Having red meat when you want to bulk up can be a good idea if it’s done in moderation with lean cuts. Chicken is good for protein when it is grilled. Turkey is also a good way to get protein. But all of these meats come with calories, so be sure to check what you’re consuming against what you’re burning.

If you want to stick rigidly to your new fitness program, then you are going to need to keep your body well-nourished and healthy. Calcium is needed to keep your bones strong as you put extra pressure on them with weight lifting. This can be found in skimmed milk. Cheese is one of the best sources, but the saturated fats are not always a good idea. If you’re using diet shakes, make them up with skimmed milk when possible.

You will also require a range of vitamins and minerals. Most of these can be found in various fruits and vegetables. Fruits contain a lot of natural sugars and calories. Eating too many could be adding to the problem of fat gain. Stick to just two portions per day. Vegetables, however, have very few calories and virtually no sugar. You can use veg to pad out your meals if you are feeling hungry.

Nuts and seeds are very good for us. Some, like almonds, can help lower cholesterol. But they are packed with calories. Use them as snacks instead of your regular choices. They can be more filling than you think. Calculate the calories you need to be sure you are not going over your target. Once you start to build up your muscles, your metabolism will begin to pick up, so you are more able to burn off excess fat.

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  1. tara pittman says:

    Great tips. My son is trying to bulk up.


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