PowerUp Unveils World’s Only First-Person View Paper Airplane Drone

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Who doesn’t like flying a paper airplane? We all did it at least once while we were kids. Now we can fly airplanes meant for the 21st century. PowerUp Toys today unveiled the next generation of paper airplanes with the Powerup FPV – the only first-person view paper airplane drone. Putting flyers into the cockpit of their own creation, Powerup FPV embeds a camera to transmit a live video stream of the flight experience straight to the user’s smartphone with a range up to 300 ft. To make video streaming a reality, the company has partnered with Parrot, makers of the AR.Drone and Minidrones, to leverage their expertise in WiFi streaming and drone controls.

Company Partners with Parrot for PowerUp FPV; Kickstarter to Launch Early November

“When my friend said I couldn’t control a paper airplane with a smartphone, I sought to prove him wrong with our PowerUp 3.0,” said Shai Goitein, CEO of PowerUp Toys. “When he said I couldn’t put a live-streaming camera on a paper airplane, I’ve again proved him wrong with PowerUp FPV. Now we are taking paper airplanes to new heights, and with the help of Parrot, are giving consumers the ability to see and feel the excitement of flying.”

Launching on Kickstarter this November, PowerUp FPV gives users a truly unique flight and viewing experience, all based on a paper airplane. PowerUp FPV can live stream the flight straight to a user’s Google Cardboard or other smartphone-powered head-mounted display (HMD). Users can control their flight using their HMD, or use the PowerUp App’s on-screen gamepad to control the drone. In addition, the fully rotating wide-view camera lets users capture their flight while looking forward from the cockpit, off the wings; or even take the ultimate “selfie” with a rear-view shot as users launch their planes and share them via WiFi straight to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or favorite video sharing service.

Henri Seydoux, founder and CEO of Parrot said: “PowerUp has created incredibly innovative products, bringing smartphone-controls to simple paper airplanes. We are providing Shai’s team with our streaming and software control technologies to help create the first ever paper airplane with a camera and live streaming. I wish them a very successful Kickstarter campaign.”

PowerUp FPV will be available for preorders this November on Kickstarter, and will be available for general retail Summer 2016. The product is currently priced at $199 USD, with both early-bird and general discounts offered for Kickstarter backers. The project follows the company’s wickedly successful campaign for the PowerUp 3.0 Smartphone-Controlled Paper Airplane, which is still the most funded campaign for “flight” projects.


  • WiFi live streaming with range of over 300 ft.
  • Capture live streaming video and still images during flight
  • Intuitively controlled with Head Mounted Display or in-app gamepad (optional)
  • Google cardboard compatibility for heads-up display
  • Ultra wide-angle rotating camera to capture and stream forward-facing, rear-view and wing-view
  • Ultimate selfie-capture mode during rear-view launching
  • Save flight videos straight to MicroSD card, with images and video transferred to your phone via WiFi
  • Travels at speeds up to 20 mph
  • Auto-Pilot mode for easy flying
  • Up to 10min of continuous flight time
  • Carbon-fiber and nylon reinforced frame for added durability

SPECS of FPV (SHAI TO PROVIDE DETAILS of what’s in the box)

  • Twin propeller module
  • Battery: 550mAh removable Lithium Polymer cell
  • MIMO Antenna supporting 2.5 and 5Ghz WiFi
  • Video stream and capture up to 30FPS
  • 3-axis compass sensor
  • 3-axis gyroscope sensor
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Open-Source SDK

To find out more about PowerUp FPV and to follow the launch of the Kickstarter, visit: http://www.Poweruptoys.com/FPV.

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