How To Organize The Perfect Guys Weekend

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Whatever stage of life you are at, you should always put aside at least one weekend aside a year for your old buddies and plan a trip away. It doesn’t matter whether you are a parent, married, almost or nowhere near. There is nothing like getting away with the people you spent your formative years with. And this is how to organize your perfect weekend.

Get permission – OK, so first thing’s first – if you need permission, get it well in advance. Most partners will be happy that you are going away to spend some time with old friends, as long as you tell them about it so they can make other plans. We’re a forgetful bunch, in general, so whatever you are organizing, include your partner in the discussion at the very beginning. Struggling to convince them? Tell them that researchers from the University of Gottingen have found that it is healthy for males to spend time with their friends. OK, so the study was done on monkeys – but really, what’s the difference?

Decide on a theme – All weekends away need a theme. Perhaps you are a bunch of guys that likes hunting, or maybe you prefer fishing. Sport and adventure enthusiasts could plan a whole load of activities for the weekend, just as you would on a bachelor party. You could even just go away to a beer festival if that’s what floats your boat. Every weekend away needs a focus, so make sure you have yours in place. And, of course, that everyone agrees on what you’re going to do.It will cut down on the amounts of arguing you do while you’re away, at least.

Find the perfect location – The easiest way to find somewhere to stay is to use a service like AirBnB. Just enter all of your details of when you are traveling, where you are going, and how many of you are in the party. The service will then give you a good idea of where to stay. You can book with them, or look elsewhere once you know the difference in prices that a particular area might have. Some of you might like the idea of a huge log cabin in the wilderness while others might prefer a city apartment. Whatever you choose, something will be available on AirBnB, and it’s the perfect starting point.

Food and drink – No guys weekend will be complete without a smattering of alcohol and plenty of good food. You can arrange for a drop-off, or place a big order to pick up before you go. You certainly don’t want to waste your weekend visiting a local store countless times. So, stop off somewhere like the Liquor Barn to pick up everything you need before you head off. And, of course, make sure you have enough plates, glasses and cutlery to use for the entire weekend. We’ll presume you won’t be washing up much!

Safety – Finally, make sure that everyone is safe, and that you have made arrangements for people getting lost. This is particularly important if you are traveling abroad in big groups. People will get left behind – perhaps the worse for wear. So, having a good plan in place for emergencies is going to do you all the world of good.

Have a great trip – and be good!

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