4 Sports Every Man Can Take Up This Winter

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As the summer dies away so does our motivation to participate in sport. In all honesty, the weather plays a big part. You can’t exactly go out and enjoy a nice summer sport like golf in gale force winds. More than that, however, it is our desire to get involved. It is much harder to get out and play when you have to play in the rain or the freezing snow.

So, what happens is we become inactive for large parts of the year. We might do the odd gym session or something, but mainly we stay indoors. For all of you reading this who doesn’t want to accept the status quo, there is another answer. Instead of fearing the cold weather, embrace it and take up a winter sport.

Here are five you can try this winter.

Snowboarding – Snowboarding is getting popular because it is the cooler alternative to skiing. Snowboarding revolves around tricks and flips, which also makes it popular. You might have seen it at the recent Sochi Winter Olympic Games where athletes were flying over a halfpipe to score points. Regardless, you don’t need much to get going. A board, obviously, some warm clothes and a place to go boarding are pretty much all your need.

Skiing – If boarding sounds a little extreme to begin with, you can try the ‘safer’ alternative. Skiing has been around centuries and is still incredibly popular. Whereas boarding mainly concentrates on performing tricks, skiing in an adrenaline sport. You start at the top of a steep hill and work your way down, getting faster as you get better. Again, you only need simple and heat efficient equipment, and you can find skis for sale at most good sports stores. The best part of skiing is traveling to the beautiful slopes and experiencing it first-hand. If anything, it is a great excuse for a holiday!

Ice Hockey – Ice hockey is a fantastic option because there are plenty of ice rinks where you can go and get started. In fact, most rinks will have ice hockey teams that you can train with and join for competitive matches. The two sports above are good, but they tend to be individual. The best part of taking part in a sport is the adrenaline rush and the socializing and bonding with teammates. Ice hockey has both, which makes it one of the better choices.

Biathlon – Ever fancied mixing skiing with shooting a rifle? Have you? Well, this is the sport for you! Seriously, a biathlon is a mix of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Very simply, you ski around a course as fast as possible while stopping off to take pot shots at targets set up on various parts of the course. Every target you miss is a one-second time penalty added to your overall score. Perfect for the men who are great skiers, but who are also deadly with a gun!

Don’t let the cold weather keep you tucked up at home all winter. Get out there and try something new!


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