Movie Review: Kill Me Three Times (2015)

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the Mobile Movie Man and may not necessarily reflect those of The Guy Corner NYC.

Ok. I’m not sure if an Ok rating constitutes stopping the bleeding, but this movie was a lot better than all of the crap I’ve watched this week. It’s certainly not Oscar worthy material but it’s fairly faced paced with a few good action scenes and an interesting plot twist.  It feels like a Tarantino-esque type film, but it try’s way too hard, and we all know The Mobile Movie Man is a HUGE Tarantio guy.

The movie in a nutshell is about a hitman and everyone in the movie double and triple crossing one another. It’s a little confusing the way the story is told, and it would probably be a tab better if the movie was told in sequence, but then it would need a new title.  The movie is just ok, and could have been a lot better. It’s not nearly as brutal of funny as it could have been, just don’t go into this expecting too much and you wont be too disappointed. Not much more to say about this one kiddies. My movie queue is treading water these days so send me a few movie recommendations and a special  thanks goes out to all of the college interns (you know who your are) for all of the retweets and the favorites. I really appreciate it. As for the rest of you….if you are still not following me on Twitter….that’s a little sloppy on your part, but I’ll still forgive you.

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