Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

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God Awful. Now the Mobile Movie Man is not a huge Sci-Fi fan. I like some movies but overall it’s not something I go out of my way to see. The directors here (The Wachowski Brothers) directed the Matrix and that’s one of my all time favorite Sci-fi movies. After that the movies they directed started to get away from the plots and become weird and artsy.

Now with Jupiter Ascending I think the brothers have completely lost their minds. The plot is awful, the dialogue is horrendous, and although you have some very good actors in this movie the plot and the dialogue give them very little to work with so there isn’t really much to like about the movie. If I had to say something positive about the movie I would say that there are some good visuals and some decent special effects, but that’s it. I think the movie would make for a great rock music video from back in the day. Turn off the sound and blast some classic rock through your stereo and enjoy the pretty LSD trip of a movie for what it is……eye candy with no substance. The cast probably thought they were signing on to some great sci-fi flim that would become a franchise like Star Wars or Star Trek but instead they got a huge mound of dog poop. I mean you have to make a really terrible movie to make me dislike watching Mila Kunis bring the heat for two hours, but the Wachowskis found a way, but then again outside of the original Matrix film they haven’t exactly been great directors anyway. So in conclusion this is a difficult film to follow. I had a hard time knowing who was good, and who wasn’t. I just had a tough time getting into this one, so unless you are some sort Trekkie nerd there is no reason to waste your time on this complete and utter nonsense.

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  1. C.S. Wilde says:

    I wanted to care for this movie so bad…but I just couldn’t.


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